Newsletter 17th January 2022: The dog ate my homework…🐕‍🦺

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The dog actually did eat my homework, actually my notebook, and a lot of other things besides.

He doesn’t even eat the things. Hunger isn’t it it. He just likes to chew, shred, and destroy.

I liked this notebook much better when it was whole and without the teeth marks🤣

dog teeth marks

The dog ate my homework was always the most unconvincing excuse you could use at school except we didn’t have a dog and I was a girly swot and never late. 🤣

But now we have no teacher to make excuses to.

Only ourselves.

You might give the teacher a far-fetched excuse and get away with it, but you can’t fool yourself.

If you don’t do the thing, it’s no good blaming the dog.

You just didn’t give the task priority.

Maybe other things were truly more important. Or you were sick.

In that case, no need to worry. Just get back to work as soon as you can.

Life happens.

But maybe you are justifying your “late homework” with bland, easy to trot out phrases like “too tired”, “too busy”, or “too distracted.”

The thing is, you did something with those hours despite being too busy, too distracted, or too tired.

What filled up your hours?

Were all those things important?

When you try to fool yourself with excuses or blame, you are only harming yourself.

You won’t get detention or 500 lines.

But you will be punished.

A much more severe punishment than any teacher ever doled out.

You are squashing your future success.

As sure as eggs are eggs.

You are squashing your momentum.

And your progress.

Every day you are “too busy” to do just one hour on your project, it’s costing you. A lot.

Are you sure you can’t fit an hour in?

Or will the dog eat your hour?

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