Newsletter 16th December 2021: ūüíĖ A new product from me, wedding pics, and another one day freebie

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I was telling you the other day how I looked at my accounts every morning now to see how much money came in the day before and how much I spent.

Generally, that helps spur me on to get work done.

Yesterday, my Paypal balance went up just $4.46  from selling an item for $5.

Because it was through an affiliate, I’ll pay out $2.50 on Sunday for that sale plus the Paypal charges.

Some days are like that in business.

And when you start, you’ll have a lot of days like that, and days when you earn nothing, and days when you have a negative balance because you spent more than you earned.

But gradually you’ll have more and more positive balance days as you create products and put them up for sale.

Once your business is going strong, everything will average out and the $4.46 days won’t worry you.

One bit.

In fact, I looked at the total and smiled. And thought how that sum would have meant so much to me a year ago before I had an online shop or a regular newsletter.

And I felt grateful I did all the work in 2021 so that a $4.46 day makes me smile and not get downhearted.

If you’re not at that point yet, just take heart that you are not so very far from success.

None of it is rocket science.

If you do the work in the coming year, you’ll be smiling too.ūüėä

It’s time to create your plans!

Labor of Love

My VA Kareen got married last Friday and had a beautiful magical wedding in the Philippines. The pictures of Kareen, her new hubby, her bridesmaids and family are gorgeous and she wanted to share her special day here with you, so I hope you love them too.

Kareen and Allen

With all the preparation going on, we’ve had fun over the past couple of months talking weddings in our daily design meetings¬†and one thing led to another (¬†this beautiful¬†wedding planner¬†which is now available to buy in our shop. Perfect timing for all the couples who will get engaged at Christmas and¬†Valentine’s Day and who will be starting to plan their weddings very soon!)

Wedding Planner

You can get all 51 pages with commercial rights and both Canva and Powerpoint templates in US Letter and A4 sizes for just $14.95 during launch with coupon code WEDDINGDEAL (regular price $27)

Get all the details here 

Wedding Planner Extension

There’s also an optional extension kit which has 21 pages of tips, checklists and extras available to purchase¬†on the page so look out for that. The¬†bundle of both Wedding Planner and Extension Kit¬†is just $27 during launch with coupon code¬†WEDDINGEXTRA¬†¬†(instead of $47) The¬†launch ends on 23rd December. So get this while you can.

From Ruthie: Free for One Day Only

Calendar Digital Advent

So it’s day 16 of the¬†DIGITAL DIVAS Advent Calendar¬†and behind door #16, you’ll find a¬†wonderful freebie surprise from Ruthie to help you create beautiful journals.

Grab this FREEBIE quickly before it disappears.

This Advent event is brought to you by Digital Divas Melody, Ruthie, Stephanie, Helen, and me. Every day, you’ll find a new freebie or mega discount from one of the Divas’ sites, and the deal is only good for that day. Check back on the site (or here in the newsletter) every day so you don’t miss out as the gift or deal will change out at around 10am US Eastern each morning. (When I just checked, day 16¬†wasn’t quite live yet, so if it’s not, please wait a little while and it will be soon!)

Grab today’s Freebie here¬†by clicking “GET THIS DEAL” on door 16¬†ūüíē

Sue’s Pretty Printables Course 50% off One Day only

This is the treat in Di and Sue’s Advent event today and it’s a goodie!

Take a look at this course¬†and if it fits in with your future plans,¬†run don’t walk to get it at half off TODAY ONLY using code¬†ADVENT2021 (making the whole course just $23.50!!)

pretty printables course

Jenn has these $10 specials today only

The following products are only $10 today!

Seascapes Planner only $10 with code SEASCPDC

Dream Catcher Planner (so pretty!) only $10 with code DRMDC

Daily Rituals Planner only $10 with code DLYRTLDC

Get them at great prices while you can as these topics are super popular with buyers. One day only!

Free Healthy New Year Ekit

Get this superb¬†Ekit with commercial rights¬†FREE from Alice Seba’s Ekithub site for a short time

healthy ekit


But better still upgrade to this one with over 535 pieces of done for you content for only $14.95 and have so much to sell for the busy New Year fitness period.

healthy ekit upgrade


LAST DAY! Organize to Profit 

When everything is chaotic in your life, it’s pretty difficult to focus enough to create a super profitable business.

There are too many distractions.

But now, Coach Glue has come to the rescue with a fantastic done for you product that is sure to help:

“How to Organize Your Life, Home Office and Routines for More Fun, Flow, and Happiness”

organize your life

Not only can you use this product to get your own home and business in order, but you can also sell it and create a revenue stream for yourself. (Remember you want to earn at least double the amount you paid!)

Just $27¬†(special launch price until Thursday –¬†regularly $97)¬†¬†using promo code 27¬†for a 62 page planner, video or challenge script, sales page and social media posts and more!

Take a look at everything included here and then put your plans in place to profit!

Show Off Your Book or Journal & Sell It

It’s no good hiding your finished work in a corner of your website once you’re done.

Before you can sell your product, potential buyers have to notice it, otherwise you’ll get…crickets.

Go for maximum visibility everywhere with great product images and video.

That sounds like a lot of work but luckily there’s a product called¬†Mockupshots¬†that gives you an easy and very fast way of drawing attention to a book or journal on your website or on social media.

You load up your cover and in a few seconds, you have a huge number of¬†realistic mockups, GIFS and videos¬†that draw the eye and stop the scroll like nothing on earth.ūüėä

Mockup shot

Not only will MockupShots allow you to create hundreds of epic photos of your books, it will give you suggestions for social media posts for each mockup and even allow you to crop, edit and add text right from inside the interface so your graphics are ready to post right away.

ms bundle2 1

I’ve had this for a while and use it mainly to create 3D images of my products with transparent backgrounds but I just looked again at what it can do and I know I’ll be using it a lot more in the future.

Spidy Cover

The cover reveal videos are amazing!

Best thing is, they’ve slashed the price for the holidays.

Take a look at the magic here.  So many cool images, GIFs and videos to make from one cover in an instant to show off your work. Use it on as many books as you like. 

Ends Tomorrow: Michelle’s Winter Let It Snow Planner

Get¬†Michelle’s cute winter planner with a gnome and snowman theme¬†and you’ll have the perfect opt in gift or product for the long winter months ahead.

As it has six different cover options and 22 different pages, you can even split it up and sell as separate printables.

Use Coupon Code: WINTER21 to get half off the regular $27 price (making it just $13.50) until December 16th.


Enjoy the rest of the week. Brand new product from me tomorrow! See you then with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




P.S. Don’t forget to grab¬†the¬†Fresh Start Color Monthly bundle¬†before it goes away on Sunday¬†and get 33 products for less than a dollar a product. Selling one or two products will cover the cost of the whole bundle! Bu if you buy it, remember to schedule the launch date for each product you plan to sell!

My bonus: If you buy the bundle¬†through my link, send me your receipt and I’ll verify, and send you a gift card for $25 to spend¬†in my store¬†making it even better value.

Fresh Start Bundle

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