Newsletter 15th January 2021: Check this out today…gone tomorrow

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Alfie has a quieter moment 

If you enjoyed my “why I get nothing done” video from my last message, you won’t be surprised that my crazy puppy dog has another speed (zonked out).

quieter 1

So I managed to put finger to keyboard again today (twice in one week!) and write this message.

Why am I writing again?

I’m late to the party, but I wanted to tell you about this great deal as it’s still available until midnight.

Getting my house sorted out has been my plan for the longest time, well before Alfie, and now I’m in so much chaos I really need a system to follow so I couldn’t resist buying this Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle

They say it’s valued at over $600 with over $180 in bonuses. I say, it’s priceless, because it will give me more time to do all the things while Alfie (hopefully) zzzzzzzzzzz now and again.

Fantastic bundle for less than $30 but don’t forget it turns into a pumpkin at midnight. Click on the image below to grab it before it disappears for good.

conquer your  clutter


Blogging Freebie

This one is really popular if you missed it last time. It’s a fantastic product if you have a blog, or are thinking of starting one, even if it’s just a few posts to support your e-commerce business.

Suzie of Start a Mom Blog has just updated her free Perfect Blog Planning product and it’s a joy to own and use. I’d have gladly paid for this.

perfect blog plan

You can get it for FREE here.

If you love Suzie’s teaching as much as I do, you can also grab her already great value Blogging by Numbers course in the next few days for 25% off using

coupon code: BLOGBIRTHDAY2021

You really have to see all that’s in it for so little and get it for as little as I’ve ever seen such a comprehensive step by step to success course.

Have fun this weekend, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones that will truly make a difference to your happiness in life and business)

All the best



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