Newsletter 14th March 2021: Mind blown…and data driven 💣 & they want photographs?? 😨

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Mind Blown & Data Driven

I’ve truly found my happy place creating planners and journals for other business owners, Etsy, and now KDP and working with online buddies in those spaces. But I have to confess, there’s one thing I don’t like and that’s doing research.

I don’t mean looking at all the pretty things out there. I can do that kind of research all day long. I mean the hard numbers data-driven kind, the kind that tells you what there is a demand for and what is not overrun by the big publishers.

I know I should do it…but doing it, that’s another thing entirely.

So when I came across the Momentum by the Book Strategy Guide I was intrigued. Only $10 and with 63 pages of intel on evergreen and seasonal niches for KDP (and pretty relevant I think for other platforms, too).

I snapped it up. And then I found it also included interiors I could pretty up and niche graphics, I hadn’t expected. Mind blowing value!

Momentum by the Book

It’s a monthly subscription but at $10, Michael, an expert at selling on Amazon KDP and Merch, can have my money every month with thanks. I love his philosophy of delivering quality to Amazon rather than fishing for sales with a ton of substandard books.

And the good thing, if you buy today before the new version comes out on Monday15th, you’ll get two monthly reports (February and March) for $10 to try it out – a massive amount of intel (and interiors) for a tiny sum.

The February edition I got yesterday has 6 niches and 11 target audiences I wouldn’t have thought of and I can’t wait to see what the March edition brings.


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25% off

Finishing today 

Last chance to get a special deal on Yadsia’s course on Creating and Selling Canva Templates and join my bonus accountability group starting this week.

In the next  few days 

You’ll find a lot happening soon in low content land 😍 There’s the excitement Tuesday to Friday of the first Homepreneur summit (I’m speaking at a round table event on Friday as part of this) and the fantastic accompanying bundle. Plus you’ll see the release of a whole host of other goodies thsi coming week including a pretty new journal set from me. Watch out for news!

And the photographs, I mentioned?

Fed up with the state of my home office, I merrily signed up for an online interior design consultation appointment with IKEA. We have one of these stores ten minutes away where I used to go in for one thing (pre lockdown days) and come out with 26 things I didn’t know I needed.

You know how it is.

The appointment is on Friday by Zoom. But they don’t just want a plan of the room in advance – they want photographs, and optionally a video.

Given Alfie the Great Destroyer (bless him) is at large, I’ve had to barricade in my computer cables and put every piece of paper and the waste paper basket up high. The place looks like a shambles.

I hope the IKEA designer doesn’t take one look at my pictures and resign. LOL

Here’s the latest (non-office) pic of Alfie from yesterday waiting to give a big teddy bear greeting to whomever arrives home next 😍 Hubby and me in this case.

alfie waiting

When we chose a cockapoo we forgot to ask how big the poodle daddy was. All the cockapoo dogs we’d seen were small so we just assumed…LOL But now we have Alfie, we wouldn’t have him any other way – even if he can whip anything off any surface the moment your eyes are turned.

Here’s to a good few days ahead, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



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