Newsletter 13th September 2021: Sometimes you have to say no 😱 …or yes, maybe yes

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I’m trying to get better at the no thing.

Because when you say yes just a bit too often, you’re leaving yourself open to exhaustion.

And I have so many deadlines just now that my lines are just about dead LOL

But I’m not alone in that, I’m sure.

Do you take on a little bit too much?

And then give yourself a hard time when you don’t get it all done?

Let’s try and be kind to ourselves.

its ok to say no

Sometimes you have to say no as well to new offers and deals if they are not in your budget.

Sometimes you have to say no even when the deals are amazing.

I’m not so good at saying no to these. LOL Maybe I should practice that too. But not today.

Some things are too good to miss. 😊

Another opportunity to experience the Naima magic live

If you go along to this Magic One pager experience tomorrow (14th September at 2pm EDT) expect two hours to whizz by in a flash and trust me you will want to pay attention the whole time.

Naima doesn’t run the kind of training course where you listen and maybe take notes, she has you do the thing she’s training you on during the workshop and then she gives super-helpful suggestions on your work.

I don’t know how she comes up with so much wisdom live on Zoom but she does. She did it in the Magic One Pager workshop I attended a couple of weeks ago, and she does it every single session in her group coach program called BEACH that she holds ten times a month, not to mention via Facebook if you don’t catch her live.

Catch the One Pager magic for $27 and you also receive two additional programs of hers worth $47 each. One of them “Products that Pop” changed the way I think about products.

Don’t say no to this! You’ll really miss out.

To get the very most out of the session have a product in mind, one you’d like to create and sell at some point in the future. And once you’ve done the one pager magic on it, you’ll want to create your product, like yesterday. Ask me how I know LOL

Only until midnight: A super bundle of PLR Business Planners 

Just like Cinderella. This great value bundle ends midnight tonight. You have to see it to believe it.

Brand and sell these as your own and use them for yourself too!

Amazon descriptions from two sources

You can get Karon’s training Author Advantage: How to Create Amazon Book Descriptions that Sell”  for 40% off only until tomorrow. (No coupon needed) If you buy through my link, let me know and I’ll also send you as a bonus my own notes on writing book descriptions from my days as an author of 179 books.

Still FREE ( grab them just on time!)

A pack of five free PLR articles on Journaling – perfect to help sell your journals and planner

Ends tomorrow: Make this Your Best Fall Ever 

Our latest set of printables is a “Fall Bucket List” to give you and your customers the best fall ever in the months ahead

Within the pages, you’ll find over a hundred suggestions for the season! I’m using this one myself 😊


Although you can use these exactly as they are, you get editable templates in both color and black and white in both Canva and Powerpoint US Letter and A4 sizes so you can add your own designs and ideas if you wish. Or use the ideas already there in all kinds of ways. So many possibilities!

Get your copy here

Fall Bucket List Graphic

Have a great week ahead, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





P.S. If you need help with EVERYTHING online, grab Cindy Bidar’s Six Figure systems membership and get all 29 of her training courses, all her checklists and twice a monthly coaching so you can learn from someone who walks the talk and does exactly what she is training. This is a fantastic way to learn from one of the best in the business whether you are new to online marketing or know a thing or two. If you join through my link get a $20 bonus coupon from me. Just forward your receipt to jan@simplehappiness.biz.


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