Newsletter 13th May 2022: What do you expect of yourself? 💕 and last chance to save $50

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I’ve heard a lot of people talk themselves down.

They say they’d be no good at this or that.

That it would work for others but they can’t see it working for them.

They wonder whether their stuff will sell, so they don’t make their product.

They worry about their emails not being well received so they don’t write or send them.

I used to do that sometimes too.

But you really can’t afford to give those thoughts any room when you’re in business.

Because you tend to live up to whatever you expect of yourself.

With that in mind, expect yourself to work hard, to write the email, to create the product, to put the item up for sale.

Have expectations of yourself and meet them.

Feel good about all the actions you take.

And let the result go.

Because once you have done your best, you can’t control what others do.

You can’t expect any particular outcome.

You can only get results.

But you CAN expect to get better and better with each action you take as long as you make changes based on the results you get.  💖



printables by number

I’m pretty excited that John and Suzi just released a mega update to Printables by Number.

It’s expanded so much that they just left Printables by Number 2.0 where it was and gave all previous buyers 3.0 as well.

I have my copy!

access to printables

The main area that they have focused on in version 3.0 is making it as easy as possible for students to make their investment in the course back.

Suzi and John take students step by step through the path to making money in four stages.

Starting from zero right up to making $10k a month. (You can jump in where you are.)

And they have included many additional types of printables  and small digital products so that you will have much more to sell.

Take a look at Printables by Number 3.0 and make the purchase if this will help your business.

Use coupon code PBN147 to save $50 but only TONIGHT

My bonus: Buy Printables by Number through my link, and enjoy two bonus reports from the end of this newsletter and a $20 coupon to my store. 💖💖💖


The Ultimate Printable

Card decks are BOOMING so they are a great way to get content to grow your audience, build your list AND have INSTANT products for sale.

Alice has created a done-for-you pack with a report, articles, a newsletter, and 8 printable card decks.

Everything comes with complete private label commercial-use rights, making it easy to grow your personal development niche business.

Take a look at the Ultimate Card Deck Platinum Pack right here

My bonus: If you buy the Gold or Platinum pack through my link ($17 or $27 option) , you can choose a bonus report from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖


mindful positivity

Lynette has just released her Mindful Positivity workbook which helps you work through different situations you face in life and learn techniques to look at them through a positive lens.

The workbook comes with a commercial use license so you can rebrand it to sell or use with your clients with no design work or content writing. It’s all done for you. All you need to do is download, rebrand, and change the content if you choose.

Get all the details and layouts plus extras here and snap it up for half price during launch week.

My bonus: If you buy the Positivity workbook through my links, you can choose one of my bonus reports from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖


gratitude journal

Jump start your printables business with this fun and action-packed recorded workshop. You will watch Becky Beach create a Gratitude Journal in PowerPoint and learn how to create your own printables using PowerPoint. As a bonus you get the commercial use Gratitude Journal that Becky created during the training.

Coupon: THANKFUL10 saves $10 until 17th May at midnight CST

Get all the details here

My bonus: If you get Becky’s training through my link, you can choose any one of my bonus reports from the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖


coloring patterns

If you would like to be spared the effort of creating coloring pages from scratch every month, take a look at Ruthie’s new pocket money membership Coloring Patterns Monthly and get a fresh supply for just $7 a month.

Use coupon LAUNCH5 to get $2 a month off and lock in the lowest price!

More details here


I’m seeing more and more successful books over on KDP in niches for kids especially activity books.

What I like about them is that they are so consumable.

Once your kid has done the activities in one book, they are ready for another.

And let’s not forget the long summer break is just about to begin.  Parents are going to turning to Amazon for help!

Cut & Paste Kids Books is a course teaching you how to make one particular type of activity book that earns good money.

Here are some examples.

cut and paste kids

Find out how to create and sell your own book in the genre so you can get ready for the long summer break too.

Get all the details here. Just $19 during launch. 30 pages of detailed instructions and 4 videos included.

My bonus: If you buy Cut & Paste Kids through my link, you can choose any one of my bonus reports from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖


Cindy is running a flash sale on one of her most popular courses. I’m so glad I have this!

quick and easy course

Quick & Easy Course Creation will help you create your course without missing a beat.

If you think you’d like to make a  course, don’t miss out while the price is so low.

Use coupon code EASY to get your mega discount (but this should be automatically applied at checkout)

See everything included here.

My bonus: If you buy Cindy’s course through my link, you can choose any two of my bonus reports from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖


Spring into action

This is a fun (and highly useful) challenge to help you get everything done if you are trying to make a business in the low content publishing space.

Julie’s Spring Into Action Low Content Challenge starts on the 16th May and over two weeks you will be taken step by step through everything you need to know to kickstart your low content business.

In a secret hot niche with low competition that Julie has found.

Simply look over her shoulder and follow the point and click techniques she shows you!

Take a look at everything included.

My bonus: If you get the challenge through my link, you can choose any two of my bonus reports from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖


There is a lot of demand for printables in mental health niches these days, which is sad in one way, but it’s good in that printables can be so helpful to those who are suffering from all kinds of conditions or to those who want to prevent mental illness and keep feeling good.

Useful printables in the niche, like the ones below, sell well which makes them a win-win for buyer and seller alike.

mental health printables

If you would like to learn how to produce the best and most helpful printables for this niche take a look at this Mental Health Printables training

This low-cost course could be the start of a great new income stream for you while you help others feel better.

My bonus: If you buy the course through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖


Blog marketing

Blog Marketing Playbook is the latest super-value training from Charles Harper which gives you not only the training itself but also the right to sell it!

Twenty videos plus transcripts and so much more!

For around $8!

Take look at everything included in this incredible deal. (Limited time offer)


Pregnancy Planner

Just launched today, our pregnancy planner and journal, perfect for parents to be.

67 unique pages and with PLR commercial rights to edit and sell.

You will receive Powerpoint and Canva versions in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

PLR Commercial Rights and plain templates for easy customization are included.

You can get the planner during launch week for just $19.95 (regular price $37) with coupon code BLOOMING

The Pregnancy Planner has been designed to match our Baby’s First Year Bundle and Extension kit so if you don’t have these be sure to  add them to your order for an extra ten dollars with coupon code BABYBUNDLE (See the bundle offer for all three products on the same page as the Pregnancy Planner.)

Get all the details here 


toolbox templates

April Lemarr has released a huge set of Canva templates that you can get for $27 with PLR rights or an amazing $47 with master resell rights (allowing you sell  your own version of them as PLR).

That’s amazing for 123 templates in 10 categories and so much DFY content that you can use to build your business. The pic above shows just a tiny selection of the huge package.

See everything included right here and be prepared to be amazed.

My bonus: If you purchase the templates through my link, you can choose any one of my reports from the end of this newsletter . 💖💖💖


When you buy 💖💖💖 marked products through my links but you can choose any of the items in the list below.

To claim just send your receipt(s) to me ([email protected]) and let me know which bonus(es) you would like. I’ll verify with the vendor and send them right back to you, usually within a day or so.

NOTE:  A few people have asked for one of my bonus reports when they bought one of my own products but I haven’t been offering these as I don’t want to compete with my affiliates who like to offer their own bonuses or who maybe don’t have time to make extra bonuses.

For my products only, whether you buy through my link or through an affiliate, whenever you spend $17 or more in one transaction, you can also choose a bonus report from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖

By the way, there are a few more new  bonuses in the works. I just have to get them done and out of the works!


latest bonus reports

Here are the currently available bonuses.

▶️ My plan for making $3K a month from Amazon KDP in 2022
▶️ Aargh! exactly what to do when you feel like quitting
▶️ My millionaire plan (February 2022 update) for how I plan to retire with a lot of fun money
▶️ Simplify! 15 things I do to avoid getting overwhelmed
▶️ Graphics – my process for making PLR unique using graphics
▶️ 339 best selling printable ideas
▶️ 25 ways to get more mileage from the PLR on your hard drive
▶️ 27 best converting lead magnet ideas
▶️ Boost your business by reviving old blog posts
▶️10 Steps to Creating a  Winning Strategy for Your Next Project
▶️ 5 minute miracle start to make every day a success
▶️10 Ways to Make an Extra $1000+ this year
▶️NEW! 10 Places to Sell Printables Other Than Etsy

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




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