Newsletter 13th March 2021: Well, this is going to be fun

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It’s all happening at once 😍 

Some months are quiet. This isn’t one of them LOL

In the space of a couple of weeks, I’ll have launched a shop, contributed to two bundles and a giveaway, taken part in a summit, started an accountability group for those who bought Yadsia’s Create and Sell Canva Templates through my link. And had a lot of fun chatting to new online friends on Zoom.

Do you love to have multiple projects going at once, too?

My friend says (re multiple projects) that you can only wear one pair of trousers at a time even though you have lots in your closet you could wear at a later date. But I think I swap outfits several times a day at this point. And it feels so good LOL

April’s Bundle (and my bonus)

I’m in April’s new bundle this weekend. This collection of business assets is such fantastic value, it’s a no brainer. You can see all the products included here.

But don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number. You don’t need to download and use everything.

When I buy a bundle like this, I print out the pages with all the graphics and make notes on them as I get ideas for each item, and I’ve started keeping these sales pages in binders – perfect for when I need an idea for a new product or freebie.

Even a brief look through the sales page sparked a ton of ideas for future projects, so even if you don’t plan to buy it, do take a look to see if it does the same for you. But don’t leave it forever. It will disappear real soon.

aprils bundle

If you pick up the bundle through any of my links above or here, you’ll also receive a coupon for $27 to make either the Pretty in Pink journal set or the mix and match Coloring Journal FREE in my store (or alternatively receive $27 off a pack of three journals including both the Coloring and Pretty in Pink journals + one more.)

Note: There’s no need to send your receipt. You’ll find the PDF page containing the coupon code already loaded to your account in Warrior Plus when you buy with my link.

mix and match

Something More Important Than Business (Really!)

Aside from the whole pandemic and family members getting sick thing (all good at the moment, touch wood,) I’m generally a happy person. A positive attitude is what gets us all through the technical and other bumps in the road in business, right?

So, I’m a sucker for programs like Cate’s 30 Day Happiness Challenge.

As Cate, the creator of this program says “Happiness in life is priceless, worth its weight in gold.” But you don’t have to part with any gold for this program. She’s reduced the price from $24.97 to just $7 and you get a gorgeous companion journal included, worth the cost of the course in itself. Take a look.

journal bonus


Here’s to a good few days ahead, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



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