Newsletter 13th August 2021: Thank you🎈🎁🎂 New Friday freebies and a P.S. gift to me from Scotland

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Thank you for all your kind wishes for my birthday a couple of days ago and for the notes of appreciation for my gift of 60 digital papers (see below if you don’t have yours yet.)

I hope you’re finding some fun things to make with them. I had a series of pretty notebooks, journals and other stationery in mind when I made them, but there’s really no limit what you can make.

Use everything

If you make up your mind to put everything you buy or download to good use, you’ll end up with a ton of products out “in the wild” ready for sale.

The more buy buttons you have, the more chances you have to sell something.

And the more experiments you can conduct with keywords, presentation, and pricing.

This all helps with an understanding of what customers buy and what they don’t.

Important, because you can learn the theory until you’re blue in the face, but nothing beats live data.

When that understanding finally clicks, you’ll be off to the races.

Selling all the things.

Get a head start

Of course, it’s not that easy creating product after product, not knowing if it will sell or not. What if you spend days, even weeks making a single product and end up with crickets?

This is one of the best reasons for using PLR (private label rights) products. Change the cover, add a few pages, change some fonts and you have a unique product in no time at all.

And if you buy a bundle of products, even better. You’ll get those products for a tiny price.

Do all your experimenting without great cost or effort. Learn what sells!

There’s just over a day left to grab the Building a Biz Bundle 2021 for $29 which has a whole lot of products and training in one. Given there’s a voucher for $27 from Faith in there and if you buy through my link here, there’ll be another $25 voucher waiting for you from me, it doesn’t make sense to pass it up.

Take a look at all that’s inside

EXTRA BONUS: if you buy right now you’ll get access to the course “How to create low content books” along with everything else.

business bundle

A weekend gift from Jennifer

Jennifer is offering you a pack of 101 new Affirmations in Word and text format, usually $12 but free this weekend only. No coupon required. You can use these to make journals or create cards or social media posts. So many uses. Don’t miss them while they are free. You can even couple these with your free digital papers to create complete and colorful journals.

Plan Out Your Printables Empire

If you’re going to make printables, you need a plan, otherwise it will be like throwing spaghetti at the wall (very messy!) 

You do need to try different things, but the more organized you are when you go about it, the more successful you’ll be.

Karon of Marketing Words has created a 24 page Profitable Printables planner so that you don’t have to create a plan from scratch. She is one of the most organized people I know! Usual price $24.99 but you can get it for the launch price of just $12.50 this weekend only. No coupon needed. Grab this one quickly and get planning.

Send an email!

Don’t forget to get help from the fairy for your emails while it’s still $36 (instead of $97)

So many business owners, authors, and bloggers collect subscribers and then don’t send them anything much. Don’t be that business owner!


email marketing fairy


Get all the details HERE

Free Confidence card pack 

Alice is offering ten free graphics on self confidence to use in your business. Perfect if you work in the personal development niche.

The Gift you may have missed

Use coupon code BIRTHDAYGIFT to make my new product free—60 digital papers with commercial rights that you can use in any of your projects even if you sell PLR.

60 digital papers

My second birthday treat if you have had your eye on any of my products is a coupon BIRTHDAY60 for 60% off your whole cart. See what’s in my shop here

coupon 60

[NOTE: Use the BIRTHDAYGIFT coupon first get your papers free if you want them. Then go in again to buy other stuff as you can’t use two coupons at once.]

You can use coupon BIRTHDAY60 up to five times until Sunday so you can shop more than once if you wish.

New Product Line?

I don’t know if you know but birthday cards and matching envelopes are great sellers on Etsy.

That’s why I finally noticed Teresa’s new product, though typical of me, I was late to the party!

The great thing about this product is that it includes both the cards in two sizes and the matching envelope templates.

You could sell them in a print-your-own cards and envelopes format.

Or you could offer them as finished cards and envelopes with Teresa’s designs, your own, or even use my free digital papers.

Don’t stop at birthday cards either. Cards of all kinds sell all year around.

Teresa gave me a special code as I was late to the launch.

Use code jansbirthday for 50% off  making the whole pack just $13.50

birthday cards


I’m going to have such fun with this, creating my own designs,  once my birthday celebrations are over.

Why not join me and start a new product line with the Birthday Card Printables Kit as well?

Ongoing Product Magic

▶️ Fran at The Happy Journals PLR Club has some new training on Organizing Your Content to Get More Done. This topic is one I love. Fran’s course is currently on launch at $27. Get it while it’s $20 off. I’m off to pick this one up.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




P.S. And my gift from Scotland?? A 60+ card that allows me to travel the whole country by bus for free. Apparently, people using them last year saved about $300 each. The public transport network is so good in Edinburgh that you don’t need a car, but there are also buses that take you far and wide to beautiful remote places further north and south into border country (border with England) How nice is that? It’s meant to help with climate change and also to “improve health by promoting a more active lifestyle for the elderly.” I wasn’t so sure about the “elderly” description but I’ll take it! LOL

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