Newsletter 12th May 2021: 🧩❓ What was I missing?

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Maybe you don’t know but for a few years up until March 2020, I made my living as an author, self-publishing romance books on Amazon Kindle.

But something about being in a global pandemic destroyed my will to write romance.

Probably because I write about everyday situations and no one was meeting anyone any more!

Boy meet girl, gets infected. Just doesn’t work for me. LOL

Anyway, before I branched off into romance I tried a few different genres, non-fiction in different niches, and…kids books, too.

I had a lot of success in non-fiction, but kids’ books, not so much. In fact, my worst selling book of all time was a picture book – “Kittens and Cats ABC Alphabet Book” – which made me the princely sum of $11.94.  And I have never made another children’s book since.

So when I saw this product Cookie Cutter Kids books, I was ready to dismiss it out of hand.

“Ha,” I said to myself “Been there. Done that. Never doing that again.”

It did prompt me to look at my results though. (I took my kids’ books down off Amazon long ago but my all-time results are still there in Book Report.)

And here they are in all their glory…

details by book

Looking back, I created Kittens & Cats first and that did pretty well for a tiny book with hardly any work. I was happy with that. And then the other two – crickets lol

But that was the best part of ten years ago, and I’d forgotten that I did well with the first one. These are such fun to make that the idea of a cookie cutter way to do it made me want to know more. I was also obviously missing something when I did books two and three.

So I checked out Andy’s Cookie Cutter Kids Books – it was only $23 so not a king’s ransom and I’m seriously impressed – 100+ pages of great information, plus 3 training videos and bonuses too (relevant bonuses! yay!) It seems I made a few mistakes with my second and third books. (I had to laugh when I read “you need to think beyond A is for Apple” because my failing cat books were like that. I also didn’t do anything with keywords which is a big section of this guide.)

I love how this training gives detailed instructions how to format and where to get images. I remember it took me ages to figure that out for myself.

How things have moved on

It’s clear, self publishing of children’s books has come on a long way since I did it.

Self-published paperback kids books weren’t popular then, but now they can sell in their thousands and because there is now a Kindle designed to be robust enough for kids, tons of Kindle picture books get bought and borrowed by parents to keep their kids amused. My books were only on Kindle and the kids Kindle wasn’t available then.

fire 7 kid


This strikes me as a fantastic way to have fun, make some extra royalties on Amazon, AND use up some of the cute graphics I have hanging about on my hard drive! Win-win-win! If you’re interested in creating kids books too, take a look at Andy’s training while the price is so low.


Have fun creating what you love and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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