Newsletter 12th January 2022: New product from me 💖 and think about these six-figure questions for just one minute…

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I won’t keep you today, because I’m sure you’re as busy as me, so just a few questions to ponder for a moment.

Questions that might change your business, even your life.

Deep, right?

I’m going to use the example of having a six figure business as a goal, but substitute any major goal you’re aiming for.

So the first question is…

What would you be doing right now if you had obtained your goal and had a six-figure business?

Notice I’m not asking what you would have (money and security and new shoes, yay!) but what would you be doing?

How would your day look? What activities would you have done by the end of the day? What actions would you have taken?

And no, earning six figures doesn’t mean sitting on a beach sunning yourself all day every day if you want to stay in business. Sorry to disappoint. 🤣

Then ask yourself this.

Are you working on those very things right now?

If not, why not?

So in the example, you might think you’d be making sure all of the following got done: creating products, putting them up for sale, and promoting them. You’d be acting like a CEO and not like an assistant whose job it was to deal with email. You wouldn’t be faffing around on Facebook.

You’d be doing everything you need to continue earning six figures and even more.

These are all things you could be doing now.

Do them and you’ll reach your goal much faster.

Just something to think about today.

Especially if you’re not getting very far with your goal.

As an aside, I’m already doing the six figure stuff and my word of the month is health so I’m thinking, what would a healthy person be doing, or eating?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve donuts, mountains of cheese, or wine. 😢 And there’s exercise involved LOL


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LAST DAY: Dream to Do to Done Ready Made Course with commercial rights

White label courses from Coach Glue are such high quality that they will cut down your course-building time to a fraction of what it would have been.

The “From Dream to Do to Done” done-for-you workshop, is packed with ideas and actionable steps designed to help your clients (and you!) effortlessly move from dreamer to successful entrepreneur.

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The course includes sections for creating a workshop or course as follows:

Walking them through the steps to find their dreams (not someone else’s)
How to discover their big “why” and turn their dreams into goals
How to get over the roadblocks that are holding them back
How to track their progress
How to create a rock solid business plan
How to save time, money, and energy in everything they do
How to avoid letting fear of success derail their efforts
How to successfully assess and manage their risks
How to handle a change of heart
How to create and manage time-saving systems without hiring expensive contractors
How to earn more income without doing more work
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LAST DAY: How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business


Looking forward to diving into this one myself. When my VA started working for me, one of her tasks was to create the operating procedures for my business and we have continued to use them ever since, adding to them when we do something new and updating them find a better way to do something. Like magic if I’ve forgotten how to do something, there’s a process for that, and no need to remember what to do.

How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business walks you through that process, but as it’s white label, you can also add your own branding and sell it.

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Stephanie’s  Valentine Frames Bundle is a beautiful package of red- and pink-shaded designs that comes with 210 total frames — 30 designs, 7 frame styles — complete with commercial use rights so you can use them to enhance any of your printable projects. Mix and match for endless design ideas!

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Miranda from Printable Island has a brand new Valentine’s Day Themed Coloring Package which has 30 intricate coloring pages, plus covers, perfect for adding to Valentine’s Day products.

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Affirmation Coloring Pages and Self Care Planner from Ruthie

Ruthie has two items on special at the moment, a set of beautiful affirmations coloring pages, great for self care, and an actual 30 day self care planner.

ruthies planner

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April creates great quality done for you PLR, brilliant for boosting the content on your site as well as creating products.

She will have three new things on 52% off sale every day in January, but if you missed the ones you want, don’t worry because you can see all the deals here. 😊

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Enjoy the week ahead and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good





P.S. TLDR There’s 50% off every Coach Glue planner right now! Use them AND sell them. Choose anything on this page and use coupon code 50 to get the 50% discount making most of these substantial products a fantastic deal at just $23.50 instead of $47.

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