Newsletter 12th August 2020: There’s no stopping me…but I didn’t buy this one

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Have you ever wished there was an easy button for technology?

Me, too.

I’ve been having a battle with making pretty printables in Powerpoint lately.

“Why on earth would anyone choose Powerpoint over Canva, Illustrator or Photoshop or almost any other program?” I asked my Thursday accountability group when I struggled to use it.

I love this group. They gave me a list of reasons to use Powerpoint for PLR products, which I had to agree made sense.

But three of the group also recommended Suzi of Build a Mom blog. They told me she used Powerpoint to make beautiful printables that anyone would be proud to sell or give away.

So I watched a few of her videos.

If I’d been wearing socks, Suzi would have blown them right off.

My accountability friends will laugh at this, but I went off to find her course to buy. They know I’m addicted to training. I cannot help myself. LOL

But this course was a special case. I had to have it. I just had to. It was exactly what I needed after all.

So I tried to buy it, but it turned out I already had Suzi’s course; I just hadn’t started it.

And I blushed with shame.

But looking at the sales page again, I knew this was a course that could help me right now. It’s not one “for later.” We know that never comes.

This time I’m determined to go through the course and use what I learn to help build my business.

And I’d like to invite you to join me in this mission so we can keep each other accountable 🙂

Suzi’s course is great because she teaches not only Powerpoint, but Canva too. And even better, she shows exactly how to sell the printables you make.

There are tons of bonuses, too.

And it’s just $97.


If you’re at all interested in making and selling printables, take a look at everything in Suzi’s course here or click on the pink Printables by Number screen in the image…

Printables by Number

P.S. TLDR 🙂 Get Suzi’s Printable course here for $97. Send me your receipt and join me in a small buddy group on FB as we create printables for our businesses or a complete printable business!

P.P.S If nothing else look at this video of Suzi making a printable/ infographic in Powerpoint (first 9 minutes only) – you’ll find it on YouTube here. So good!


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