Newsletter 10th September 2022: Just free things for you today 💖🥰

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I’m busy doing real life things today so it’s the perfect day to give my usual newsletter a rest and  bring you all the FREE things that are on offer as part of the CREATING A DIGITAL COURSE FROM SCRATCH giveaway bundle.

You’ll find that here:

If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re in for a treat.

(And if you have signed up already, remember to download any of the goodies you’d like by September 16th)

Here are the contents, around $3K in value, but free to you!

  • How To Grow On Pinterest With Idea Pins (Regular Price $49) Contributed by Dominique Dunlop
  • The Content Repurposing Workshop (Regular Price $97), Contributed by Tara Reid
  • Disclosure Template (Regular Price $27), Contributed by Lucrezia Lapichino
  • Testimonial Toolbox (Regular Price $127), Contributed by Erin Ollila
  • Beta Round Bootcamp (Regular Price $197), Contributed by Carli Illingworth
  • Visibility planner (Regular Price $27), Contributed by Lucille Roache
  • Launch Social Copy Templates & Prompts (Regular Price $55), Contributed by Sarah Burt
  • The Lead Magnet Mini Course (Regular Price $47), Contributed by Dolly DeLong
  • Launch Like an Introvert Starter Pack (Regular Price $55), Contributed by Bree Boucher
  • Stunning Slide Deck Template (Regular Price $67), Contributed by Gina Messina
  • #RethinkingMe – Personal Development Bootcamp (Regular Price $97), Contributed by Tiara Nicole Riley
  • Product Planner with Commercial Rights (Regular Price $27), Contributed by me (See below)  🥰
  • Notion Launch Blitz Planner (Regular Price $17), Contributed by Sharon Nolan, Instagram handle: @the_sharonmarie
  • 30-Day Summit Site Bootcamp (Regular Price $97), Contributed by Anchen Le Roux
  • Monetize Your Expertise: Create Your Income Generating Workshop (Regular Price $97), Contributed by Monica Monfre
  • Course Creator Website Canva Template (Regular Price $54), Contributed by Prachi Gupta
  • Silencing Your Inner Critic (Regular Price $47), Contributed by Charlene Gethons
  • Pinterest 101 Ebook (Regular Price $59), Contributed by Domitille Sia-Holik
  • Automated Courses for Naturalpreneurs Course (Regular Price $197), Contributed by Erin Dawn Ademokunwa
  • Digital Product Marketplace Membership (Regular Price $324), Contributed by Helen Froling
  • The DIY Logo Bundle (Regular Price $37), Contributed by Jessica Wangelin
  • Wholehearted Creative Business Course Creator’s Trello Board (Regular Price $37), Contributed by Jenny Portillo
  • Coach with Clarity Client Creation Kit (Regular Price $37), Contributed by Lee Chaix McDonough
  • Nova Presentation Kit (Regular Price $47), Contributed by Kimberly Costa

Join the giveaway here:

Then sign up for each individual premium free gift you want.

Skip those you don’t need or want.

You have until September 16th to DOWNLOAD all the gifts you want.

After that, you’ll have to pay for them.

Including my gift 😊

Product Planner Graphic

Have a great day and I’ll be back soon with my usual newsletter and more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




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