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It’s always easier to talk about what we’re going to do than it is to actually do it.

Somewhere in the gap between talking and action all enthusiasm seems to disappear as the reality of hard work starts hitting home.

Ask me how I know.  🤣

This coming week, instead of talking about a big plan you have, commit to one small thing that you can do in about an hour.

Do it. Just that. No more, no less.

Then commit to another hour long task. And do it. Just one before you commit to another and tackle it.

Great progress can be made that way. One hour at a time.

And you’ll have no reason to beat yourself up for biting off more than you can chew!  💖


It makes me weep to see book creators spend countless hours making books for Amazon that just won’t sell.

Whether that’s because the competition has the market so tightly sewn up that it’s difficult to make any traction at all.

Or because there’s no demand.

Even when you find a good niche with demand but not too much competition, you have to create the best book you can to be in with a chance.

But if you don’t have a good niche, the odds are stacked against you from the beginning.

Don’t assume that there’s demand for your chosen book topic or that the competition hasn’t found your niche.

Do five minutes of work using a tool like Publisher Rocket and check out the reality.

Then you can publish with more confidence, do the work to create your best book, and promote it without wasting your time and/or money.

My $3K a month Amazon plan (which you can still get as a free bonus for making purchases from thsi newsletter) is coming along.

I’ve published one book in my new low content series under a shiny new pen name as planned, 49 books to go this year.

Publisher Rocket has been open on my computer as a constant companion since I started the 3K plan.

Oh the promising niches I’ve found since I started using it! I love this software so much I might have its babies 🤣

And you can be sure I’ll be checking out every single title with Publisher Rocket before I even think about making it and using the software to maximize my keywords for search  because I don’t have time to make books (lovely though they may be in my eyes) that will be lost among the millions of books on Amazon.

If you don’t have Publisher Rocket, take a look at it here.

My bonus: Choose any two of my bonus reports (including the Amazon 3k plan if you like ) from the list at the end of this newsletter.  See the bonus section for how to claim.   💖💖💖


5 Day Challenge

Sharyn of Content Sparks has just released a new training program which you can use the heck out of yourself but also use to create your own training program to sell.

As it’s completely done for you, you could have a new course up and selling in very little time.

The course blueprint is about “How to plan, launch, and run a free challenge that grows your audience and sales.

This will be super popular because all business owners want to attract new leads who will go on to buy their products and services.

They want a tactic that they know will work, is low cost, AND doesn’t feel ‘icky’ or pushy.

That’s where 5-Day Challenges come in.

People love short challenges because they get to see quick results. And then they associate those wins with the help they got from the person running the challenge.

What’s the natural next step? To make a purchase of something that will help them even more.

And with this brand new, white label course, you will be able to run a 5-day challenge that meets your business goals of more leads and more sales yourself  and then sell the course to others to help them too!

See everything (so much!) included here and grab the package for 67% off during launch (big saving!) Ends on 13th April.

My bonus: Buy the 5 Day Challenges course through my link and choose any two of my bonus reports from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖


mom bundle

We just updated our “I Love My Mom” Journal and matching recipe book to include Canva templates as well as Powerpoint.

If you missed these last year, when somehow I got the date for Mother’s Day in the rest of the world wrong and released them just a couple of days before the event (yes, we all make mistakes!) you’re in luck.

This weekend only (until Tuesday at midnight Pacific) they’re on sale.

Grab either of these products for just $9.95 with coupon code LOVEMOM.  Or better still get both for just $14.95 with coupon code MOMDEAL

Get more details and video here.

(Note: If you bought last year, you get the Canva templates included. No need to buy again.)


picture puzzle profits 2

I just found this on the last day of the launch so I’m sorry for bringing it to you so late in the day. But better late than never, right?

These are fun and easy picture books to create just by copying and pasting using free tools.

Kids have to spot particular objects hidden in the picture, like these examples:

picture puzzle profits

Just follow the training in the Picture Puzzle Profits course.

You could have such fun with this idea while creating another income stream!

Get more info on the course and more examples of these books.

Note: There’s a low cost optional upsell with extra pictures but you don’t need this to get going if it’s going to stretch your budget too far.

My bonus:  If you get Picture Puzzle Profits through my link, choose any one bonus report from the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖


Email Connection Templates

The latest Coach Glue product Email Connection Templates is genius.

It’s part planner, part journal, part templates, a kind of workbook that guides you through creating a sequence of 11 emails that ensure you create a connection with your list right from the beginning.

Snap it up while it’s still at launch price using code 50 to get 50% off (until Thursday April 14th at midnight)

My bonus: If you buy Email Connection Templates through my link, choose any one of the bonus reports from the end of this newsletter.


So much content in this package (over 500 pieces!) about creating effective daily routines and habits for just $14.95. Grab it quickly before it disappears.

daily routine

See all the journals, planners, graphics, coloring pages, cards, articles and more here 

My bonus: Buy this package through my links and choose any one of my bonus reports from the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖


Bonus for Ruthies-bundle

I love the way this turned out, not just the way it looks (though I like that too) but the strategies in it.

Though I’ve bought and contributed to many bundles in the past, I hadn’t really thought about creating a definite return on investment.

But you can be sure I’ll be working this way from now on.

Buy Ruthie’s 4th Annual Low Content Bundle through my link to snag your own copy of How to 100x your Investment in the bundle. And you can also choose one of my other reports from the end of this newsletter when you claim your bonus.  💖💖💖

If you’re desperate to get the bonus but you already have the bundle, let me know and I’ll work something out for you with Ruthie.

Just be sure to get the bundle before it disappears tomorrow, whoever you get it from.

This is my contribution to this year’s bundle and there are over 40 great commercial use products as well as three training programs in it.

Make a Habit of It Journal Graphic

Instead of me telling you about all the awesomeness in the bundle here in the newsletter where the space can’t do it justice, be sure to take a look at all the many products included for one low investment of just $37 – that’s less than a dollar a product!


list building with bundles

Cindy Bidar just launched a brand new course called List Building with Bundles: How to Quickly Add Hundreds of Quality Subscribers to Your Email List.

This is a subject close to my heart as I built my list almost entirely using bundles with the result that I now make a full time living online after starting with zero subscribers in the summer of 2020

In the course, you’ll learn all this and so much more…

How to stand out from the crowd so you can get invited to more and better events.
How to find and get invited to events even if you’re brand new and don’t have a big list yet.
How to get organized so participation doesn’t become a time suck.
How to make the most of the new subscribers you attract.
How to identify good events and avoid the not-so-great.

List Building With Bundles is perfect to give you list a boost (or a start) this year.

Use promo code LBB for a huge reduction during launch (until Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 11:59 PM)

My bonus: Buy List Building with Bundles through my link and choose any one of the bonus reports from the end of this newsletter. Just send your receipt and choice to me ([email protected]) 💖💖💖


make money with freebies

So many good products today! Karon from Marketing Words has just put her popular Make Money with Freebies on sale.

It’s 40% off until the 10th of April.

No coupon required.

If you don’t have your copy yet, take a look at this product and snap it up.

You may think you can’t make money with freebies, but you absolutely can. A whole lot of it. And it works whether you’re an affiliate OR  a product creator.

My bonus: Buy Make money with freebies through my link and choose one bonus report from the end of the newsletter.  💖💖💖


As I had a lot of requests for various different bonuses, it’s now official that you can choose any one of the recent bonuses when you buy through any of my links marked with a 💖💖💖 in my newsletter on top of any other bonuses mentioned.

This works better for those who already own one or more of these or who want to buy a couple of items.

To claim just send your receipt(s) to me ([email protected]) and let me know which bonus(es) you would like. I’ll verify with the vendor and send them right back to you, usually within a day or so.

latest bonus reports

Here are the currently available bonuses.

▶️ My plan for making $3K a month from Amazon KDP in 2022
▶️ Aargh! exactly what to do when you feel like quitting
▶️ My millionaire plan (February 2022 update) for how I plan to retire with a lot of fun money
▶️ Simplify! 15 things I do to avoid getting overwhelmed
▶️ Graphics – my process for making PLR unique using graphics
▶️ 339 best selling printable ideas
▶️ 25 ways to get more mileage from the PLR on your hard drive
▶️ 27 best converting lead magnet ideas
▶️ Boost your business by reviving old blog posts
▶️10 Steps to Creating a  Winning Strategy for Your Next Project
▶️ NEW! 5 minute miracle start to make every day a success
▶️ NEW! 10 Ways to Make an Extra $1000+ this year 

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.



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