Newsletter 7th June 2021: 😱 Are you doing what I’m doing?

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I’ve come to the conclusion, that trying to do everything online means doing nothing well.

For example, if you try to promote on every single social media platform, you’ll struggle to get anywhere.

You’ll have a much better chance if you try to master one platform. It means you’ll have time to engage, and you’ll avoid driving yourself crazy too.

It’s the same with trying to sell in every niche.

Or learning every graphics program.

If you want to do a whole lot (I can’t for the life of me restrict myself to just one thing either) it’s just a case of deciding what order to do everything in and not letting yourself get overwhelmed by “other stuff.”

At the start of the year, I was working on nine projects. I kid you not. I even made myself a nice colorful plan of what I was doing, with all my goals set into boxes because normal business plans are so boring, right? Pages and pages of plans in boxes. Crazy lady.


Pretty plan made, I soon saw the error my ways.

Talk about biting off more than I could chew.

I had to park a whole lot of things that I knew would work (with enough effort) in favor of the things I could get done or I was going to end up right where I started at the beginning of the year.

If you’re getting overwhelmed, maybe you are trying to cover too much ground at the same time. Think about going deep instead.

One Way to Go Deep

One way to go deep is to focus on one niche.

The printables and activity books for kids niche is a good choice.

There’s a huge market and you can let your imagination run riot with colors and designs.

20 ways 1

Faith has a course out today on how to make 20 different kinds of printables for kids, and it’s for a super low price — just $17 until 13th June with coupon code 20WAYS 

What I like about this: You can use all of the kids’ art you’ve collected in bundles or make use of the packs out there right now and have original products for sale ready for summer boredom setting in. Parents need you!

Journals for Kids

If you’d also like to make journals for kids, then you can’t go wrong with Children’s diary domination which will show you exactly how to tackle them.

diary domination


This is a low cost product (super value at less than $18 although that is a launch price so be quick) and it includes a comprehensive 39 page ebook and 5 step by step video tutorials showing exactly how to research, create and publish your kids’ journals to earn money on Amazon.

There are upsells (also low cost and useful) but you don’t need them to do this. The product alone way overdelivers on value and then there’s an awesome bonus included too with 15 ready to go childrens’ journal templates.

What I like: Super cheap, end to end training  that will get you going fast. Also, if you have a ton of PLR activity sets or kids’ coloring assets, they could easily be incorporated with other pages to add variety to a journal. Fantastic way to use more PLR content.


Ends today: Flash Sale on Sticker Course

Faith (busy lady) also has a flash sale on her Create Stickers in Powerpoint course. Stickers make a great addition to planners and printables for kids. Pick it up for just $17 but the sale ends today.

If you’re in the kids niche or want to get into it, it’s like all your birthdays have come at once with three sets of training at such a low price 🤣 

Speaking of birthdays…

Becky’s Site is One Year Old

And she’s celebrating by gathering together a ton of PLR into goody bags that you can get for free. Today from us, you’ll find a set of 8 Canva templates with floral Instagram quotes to edit as you like in your party bag along with your other goodies and there’s a new set each day. Get all the details here 

Be Strong Instagram

What I like about this: if you’re on a budget build up your collection of PLR for free (but don’t forget to use it too)

In case you missed it… I mean you may have been ignoring all your email from 40+ contributors and getting your work done …🤣

Rayven’s Third Annual PLR Extravaganza & My Bonus

One great deal out today is Rayven’s third annual bundle that I know many have been waiting for. It’s chock full of PLR goodies and the Deluxe bundle has some fantastic training too.

I have contributed a new product to the main PLR bundle.


This deal is worth a whole lot more than the low price. Just don’t try to use everything in it or we might not see you for a year or two!

My bonus: Get the whole cost of your purchase back in a coupon to spend at my Simple Happiness store if you buy Rayven’s bundle through my link below, whether that’s the main PLR bundle ($37 coupon) or the deluxe bundle which includes the main bundle ($67 coupon.) You’ll find your coupon in your account on Rayven’s site as soon as you purchase. Just click the button below to take a look at all the great products, decide if you will USE them, and purchase either option.


A Price Reduction on a Valuable Education 

june website

Ruthie and Jen have reduced the price of their monthly training club membership at Use PLR so if you wanted to join for a while but it’s been beyond your budget, now is the time.

The monthly cost has been slashed from $47 to $27!

June’s topic is: is create your social media plan and use PLR to do it. (and you know how much I’m in favor of USING PLR not just buying it)

Each month, members get

  • 5 day challenge on the monthly topic. This consists of 5 daily emails with tips and action steps for members. Sometimes there are also worksheets.
  • Guide + Workbook. This includes a guide and worksheets that go in depth on the monthly topic, helping members plan, set up and implement the topic’s goals.
  • Training from a guest expert or Ruthie and Jenn where members can join live and have early access to the recordings. Great information on running your business and a chance to get your burning questions answered by those who have a lot of experience in this space.


Have a great day and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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