Newsletter 5th March 2021: I thought this would never happen 😓 (but I might have guessed this would) 😲 and a Canva tip

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We have lift off 🚀

I’ve been trying to launch the shop on my site for months. It was set up and everything, but I kept avoiding the 3-2-1-lift-off.

Procasti-fearing, I call it. The fear of launching and going kersplash into the sea thanks to technology glitches.

But finally, I’d tested all the things  and couldn’t put it off any longer, so the shopping cart on my site went live softly-softly on Wednesday and quickly took off with help from online friends on Thursday. Now, I don’t know why I put it off so long lol

Isn’t that always the way of it?

If you didn’t get my FREE 30 day gratitude journal (with PLR commercial rights)  from one of my friends, you can get it by clicking here or on the image below.

30 day Gratitude

Use coupon code HAPPINESS to set the price to zero in your shopping basket.

You get PLR commercial rights so you can use the journal  for yourself, as a lead magnet, or as a product for sale with or without customization.

Enjoy and Profit!

A Canva Tip

Canva now has automated drop shadows. Yay and extra yay!!

This saves so much time when you’re trying to lay out a spread of printables for display in an online store. The shadows are important for making flat images pop off the page, like these ones.

cover designs

How to do them in Canva?

1.Select the image by clicking on it.
2. Choose effects in the edit bar
3. Scroll down to the drop shadow effect in the left sidebar and click it.
4. Click “Apply.”

You’re done!

It seems to take a few seconds for the image to go from fuzzy to clear and with a shadow, but it’s worth the wait.

Ta! Da! Drop shadow!

And then this happened

So funny, after all the launch excitement, it was time to take a breather and get a cup of coffee.

Things were too quiet in the house. I should have known something was afoot.

And it was. Cockapoo Alfie was afoot…

Alfie anti hoarding

I was kinda saving that red box for something. I’m not sure what.

Maybe Alfie is an anti-hoarding dog LOL

It’s a pity he’s not as good at picking up the pieces as he is at creating them!

Normal service and flooring will be resumed soon

I can’t wait to tell you about the great courses and low content products coming up soon. Don’t worry though, I don’t recommend you buy everything (and I only recommend a fraction of what comes my way.)

Just don’t miss out on the products you WILL use as you can build a fantastic business with a small budget by picking up great offers here and there.

Here’s to a good week ahead, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers.



P.S. If you missed the other thing I’ve been up to, you’ll find your lost youth (if you lost it lol) here with my new course!

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