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It’s the last day for Ruthie’s Birthday Bash Low Content PLR Bundle, but if you already have gifts to give your customers when they sign up for your mailing list or oodles of time to make those freebies, you may not want to read on.

If you already have a whole catalog of products to sell or if you want to spend the summer making product after product, this is not for you either.

And horror of horrors: if you are opening this late, and have missed the bundle already, I’m really sorry. Save yourself the anguish and delete this email now. You don’t want to know what you missed.

Otherwise click the big easy button below, purchase Ruthie’s mega birthday bundle for $27 and choose one product (or all of them) from the 35+ available to you. You get them all.

Busy. Summer. Problem. Solved.


Of course, you’ll want to spend a little time adding your branding and tailoring the text for your niche, but then you’ll have a set of wonderful products to offer your readers and subscribers.

And you won’t sit staring at a blank screen or spend weeks making one freebie when you already need to do so many things to build your business.


  1. Download everything that appeals and leave the rest behind.
  2. Take one product at a time, tailor it for your business and publish/promote it, before going onto the next.
  3. Space your promotions out so you always have something fresh waiting in the wings for your audience.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the items that can be used almost out of the box for ANY niche… (while there are likely to be several others that match the particular niche you’re in exactly or with a few small changes)

  • Ritchie Media Mix & Match 2021 Calendar Kit value $47
  • Artsy Challenge – Gift Card value $47 (you choose what you want!)
  • Simply Couture Designs – Essential Life Planner Template value $37
  • A Cup of Zen LLC – Done-for-You Content Overcoming Challenges to Embrace Change value $47 (Is there anyone who doesn’t have challenges right now? What challenges is your niche facing, in particular?)
  • PLR of The Month Club – Done-For-You Digital Planner & Lead Magnet Extravaganza! value $97
  • Zen PLR – Beautiful Butterflies Journal Templates PLR Pack value $67

and there are my journals, too 🙂

  • Simple Happiness Biz – Motivation Journals and Journal Templates value $37

Remember, this is PLR, so you can mix and match products as much as you like.


With training, you can sign up for it and then leave it waiting in the wings until you need it. Of the training included in the bundle, I think the following will be useful for almost anyone working online:

  • Printable Craze – How to Create Mockups for Printables value $35 (great for displaying your new products on your site and in social media posts)
  • Cherry-Ann Carew – How To Test Your Idea Before Creating A Product Or Service value $47 (critical training before putting a lot of effort into a major product)

And there’s also

  • Share Your Brilliance – Discover Digital Planners Workshop value $97
  • Content Accelerators – Using Affinity Publisher for Low Content Books value $27
  • Fearless Content – Color Me Profitable value $37


The sale ends midnight EDT tonight, but you get until September 30th to download everything. So grab it, no matter how busy you are right now.


See what you think. The basic package (with all the above) is a steal at $27. I have the upgrade at $47 and I think that will be worth its weight in gold too.

Happy Wednesday



P.S. Use one product and it will be worth it. Use even five of the 35+ in the basic package and you’ll can smile through the summer.

P.P.S. Take advantage of this great deal. It won’t happen again until next summer!

P.P.P.S. This email contains affiliate links for products I personally recommend. I will receive commission if you buy through my links, but the opinions in the email are my own.


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