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Your Hard Drive

If you’re like me,  you’ve invested in a lot of “assets” for your business

You’ve bought training.

You’ve bought PLR commercial rights content.

You’ve bought graphics.

You’ve joined memberships where you get more training and content and graphics.

You’ve bought bundles with oodles of all these fantastic things.

Don’t worry. There’s no shame in that. 

I’m not about to make you feel guilty about your purchasing decisions.

I’ve made them too.

The thing is, the items you’ve bought are all assets that will bear fruit in the future.

You have a huge opportunity sitting on your hard drive.

More than you probably realize.

But there’s a big IF there.

You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?

If you put them to good use.

And I don’t mean when you have time at some magical moment in the future. That will never happen and you know it.

I mean today, tomorrow, this week.

It starts with one thing.

Don’t start by figuring out everything you’ve bought and what you can do with it all.

Pick just one thing.

The last thing you bought. Whatever it was.

Put that to good use. This week.

Just Do One Thing

If it’s a product. 

Open it up.

Do you have anything else you could combine it with?

Sure you do! Or use it alone.

Get it out there for sale this week (this month if it’s a big thing). However imperfect. Because perfect never happens. Perfect is impossible.

Stop planning to get ready to put things for sale and just do it.

If the last thing you bought was a training course.

What did you plan to learn from it?

Don’t just take the training course.

Take the course and do the thing.

This week.

My terrible habit

In my last email, I said I had a terrible habit of buying stuff and not using it.

While that’s true, I’ve built a full-time business in the past few months by taking action on one thing at a time.

Not on all the courses and graphics I’ve bought.

Only Superwoman could do that. 🤣

But I’ll get to those things. One thing at a time.

They’ll still be there for me to use. And I’ll not stop buying any time soon because my purchases give me options. Just looking at the possibilities fires up my imagination and gives me ideas.

I’ll use them eventually because I can do one product at a time without superhuman effort. And you can, too.

In fact, making products gets faster the more things you create.

If you use (rather than create) PLR for your products (I sell both in different places,) it’s easy to go from purchased asset to finished product in a store.

That’s why we bought products with PLR. There’s no need to stare at a blank page or reinvent the wheel. Just set the wheel spinning.

Let me know if this hit home with you.

Which one thing are you going to put to good use this week?

If you’re not sure what to do.

I get it. You have all this content on your hard drive, and you don’t want to put it out for sale exactly as it is. That would make your content just the same as all the others who bought the product.

First of all, you’d be surprised at how many people are buying and not getting around to putting it out there at all. Your competition is less than you think if you’re an action taker.

Secondly, there are many ways to repurpose what you have.

When it comes to text you can rewrite it, reformat it, or add to it.  I’ll talk about that soon.

But for low content, the difference is not usually about the text. There’s only so much you can change there. (How many ways are there to say “Tuesday” or “To Do List”? )

It’s about the graphics.

My friend, Ruthie Bowers is the master (make that mistress!) of repurposing graphics to be unique so that you can be sure no one is publishing the same low content design as you.

If you haven’t taken her Creative Repurposing course yet, take a look at it, and you’re in luck as it’s 30% off today. (Actually her whole site is on sale, but don’t get distracted… unless there’s something special there you want.) The course will provide you with PLR graphics to repurpose if you don’t have your own.

Use COUPON CODE: EASTER30 to get her course for a steal 

creative repurposing

If you’re stuck, make Ruthie’s course the one thing you do this week and use it to repurpose one PLR  product you own.

Get your unique product up for sale.

Next week do another.

You’ll have a business before you know it.

If you need more skills. 

If you want to take your graphic design to the next level (stratosphere?!) completely, I’ll have more to say on that later this week.

For now, just create your product. You probably know enough to do that already.

If you’re truly stuck for ideas to get one thing done this week, take a look at Marian’s courses, which are short, easy to follow and each one will give you a product idea, and the instructions for making it.

I’ve reviewed a few of her courses in the past that will get you a product very fast (and one which not everyone is doing), three in particular Paper Mache, Grayscale Coloring pages and Milestone Cards

Marian is also offering 30% off her whole site TODAY only.

USE COUPON: lockdown3 to get 30% off everything

Marian Design


That’s all for now. I’ll let you get going on your one thing. 😍

Here’s to a fantastic productive week ahead, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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