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What do you want to be good at?

Serious question.

We don’t have time to become good at everything, right?

And most of us are not super-multi-talented Michelangelos.

But we can get pretty good at a quite a few things with training and practise, time and patience.

For the best results in business, keep your focus for training on your sweet spot area . (See the diagram below.) Learn the things you think you will become good at and don’t choose a business that relies on skills you can’t easily acquire.

Otherwise you’re stuck competing with those who have those skills when you could do much better in your own area of competence.

sweet spot

What about the other things that you’re not so good at?

Do you really need to do them? Would you be better to focus on the areas in your business where you excel?

And outsource the rest if they absolutely need to be done.

If your budget is tight, it might be more cost-effective to outsource than to buy training and spend far too long on the task yourself.

If outsourcing is out of the question, could you swap services with someone who has different strengths to you?

Think about that when you’re planning your budget, business, and training for Q4.

A huge recommendation with bells on for this

All the best recommendations come from word-of-mouth, right?

The ones where your best friend says “You really must try…”

That’s how Naima came into my world. last year. A friend recommended her workshop on sales pages to me.

I’ve never worried about writing a sales page since.

Naima has a way of breaking things down into their simplest form whether it’s words on a page or the bundle of tech you need to make your business run so you get what you need to do and it no longer seems daunting.

After that sales letter training, I signed up to Naima’s group coaching program and I’ve never looked back. I’m coming up for my anniversary with her and I’ll be continuing. No question.

If you want to experience the Naima magic for yourself, attend the Magic One pager training tomorrow (Tuesday 5th October at 2pm EDT New York time)  and be ready to give it your full attention.

Naima doesn’t run the kind of workshop where you listen and maybe take notes, or which you buy and never get around to doing. You want to do this training live as she has you do the thing she’s training you on during the workshop and then she gives super-helpful suggestions on your work.

I don’t know how Naima comes up with so much wisdom live on Zoom but she does. (I think it’s her superpower!) She did it in the Magic One Pager workshop I attended a month or so ago, and she does it every session in her ten times a month group coaching program. I attend every single one I can.

Catch the One Pager magic for $27 and you also receive two additional programs of hers worth $47 each. One of them “Products that Pop” changed the way I go about creating products.

Even if you think you don’t need a coach or can’t afford one right now. Don’t say no to this! You’ll really miss out.

To get the very most out of the session, have a product in mind, one you’d like to create and sell at some point in the future. And once you’ve done the one pager magic on it, you’ll want to create your product, like yesterday!

After the workshop, you will still have access to Naima get your work reviewed as she’s available to give feedback for 48 hours after the workshop. Take advantage of that too. You’ll never get better value for $27.

Last day to get the eight for a fiver Meet the Content Creators deal!

The value of this deal is astonishing so if you haven’t seen it, take a look. You get eight products to sell in your shop or to give away to build you list for a five dollars. These products can be working for you as assets in your business for years to come!!! Don’t miss out.

If you missed the 8 for a fiver products, take a look at the value and grab them here. 

Last chance to get Alice’s Strategies for a steal

Alice and Yusef launched their new Big Growth Shortcuts and Templates Club last week. You can get marketing guidance, shortcuts, and templates on focused business topics, for less than $10 per month during the initial launch. Here are the topics you will get

  • October: The Making More Per Sale Mindset (DOWNLOAD NOW!)
  • November: Who is Your Ideal Customer That WANTS to Keep Buying from You?
  • December: How to Make More Per Sale from Printables and Print on Demand Products
  • January 2022: Creating a Free Opt-In Offer That Turns into Paying Customers Quickly
  • February: Traffic Traffic Traffic: How to Get Free Traffic
  • March: How to Make Your Customers Look forward to Your Sales Pitches
  • April: Mastering Upsells and Bump Offers
  • May: Creating Better Informational Content That Drives Sales
  • June: Getting Started with Your Own Affiliate Program to Increase Sales
  • July: How to Motivated Your Affiliates and Keep Them Promoting
  • August: Creating Synergy Between All Your Marketing Efforts
  • September: Keyword Mastery: Understanding Keyword for More Organic Traffic and More
  • October: How to Build Your Business with Special Events
  • November: Collecting Testimonials and Case Studies for Bigger Clout and More Sales
  • December: Writing Effective Product Descriptions for More Engagement and Sales
  • January 2023 and Beyond: To be Announced!

If you’re available tonight (Monday 4th at 7pm EDT) there’s a FREE LIVE Q&A and Brainstorming Event that you can attend. Ask questions about the membership, brainstorm ideas, and more with Alice and Yusef.

BONUS: If you grab the Templates Club deal through my link, let me know and I’ll send you a coupon for $20 to match the cost of your first two months. If you choose the lifetime deal instead of the subscription, I’ll send you two $20 coupons valid on products in my store!

Have a great week, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





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