Newsletter 30th October 2020: Relief for haphazard affiliate marketing and a bonus!

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This week has been chaotic. Too much to do, too little time. Not enough chocolate. You know how it goes.

But despite everything going on, I took the time to check out Ruth and Jenn’s new course on Affiliate Marketing because they are two of the best in the business (and two of the nicest as well), and I hoped to pick up a few tips.

I’ve been affiliate marketing for around fifteen years, on and off, so I thought I didn’t have that much to learn.

Wrong! So wrong!

I had my eyes opened right from the first five minutes, where I found a module that shows exactly how to organize any affiliate business to take it from a haphazard way of making a few dollars (that’s me!)  to a real efficient profit source. Organisation from chaos – exactly what I needed. I skimmed through the whole course fast to get a feel for the rest and I was equally blown away.

It just so happens that this month, I decided to get serious about my business. I’ve employed a virtual assistant. I’m sticking to a budget. And I’ve joined a coaching program. It’s no longer just a paying hobby. Life got real.

And this training and system fit right into my plans – a complete yet simple course for those who want to make serious money without it taking up half their day.

You can even follow the course itself without it taking up oodles of your time – no boring long videos to watch and pretty much everything laid out for you in words you can consult whenever you need.

In fact, you get an ebook, worksheets, and a ready-built system of Trello boards alongside the course to save you time and keep you on track.

I just love how practical and fluff-free this is!

fluff free


At the moment, Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle has a special launch price saving you over $20. Run, don’t walk to get it. Put your system in place and be ready to succeed big style in 2021.


One of the many things the course recommends is creating a bonus offer for the products you truly believe will help your readers.

And so I did. (How mega is that?)

If you buy through any of my affiliate links on this page, send me an email with your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll send you a special thank you.

You’ll receive my printable workbook “50 Simple Ways to Get More Email Clicks” which will work perfectly with Ruth and Jenn’s course to skyrocket your affiliate marketing efforts via your email list.

Affiliate bonus workbook


Have a great weekend



P.S. Even if you don’t have a clue about affiliate marketing, don’t worry, Ruth and Jenn have your back with their course. Begin your affiliate marketing side hustle the right way from the start


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