Newsletter 29th September 2021: My newest planner 💕but don’t get it from me

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I’ve been in a lot of bundles this year. They are a great way to offer a great deal to your email buddies and they introduce your work to new customers.

Don’t hesitate to take part if you get the opportunity and you’re looking for a way to grow your list.

It’s even worth having some products ready, just in case.

But I’ve never been that prepared.

And I end up with multiple deadlines all at once.

At those times I’m truly grateful to have my VA Kareen to work with.

Actually all the time, but especially then 😊

If you struggle to fit everything in, think about how a VA might help you.

I’m about to go through this challenge with my Thursday blogging accountability group, but if we have enough people want to do this, I might do another run through. Just hit reply if you are interested.

What could you do with an extra 40 hours a week?

April’s Content Creation Collection

Here’s my latest bundle product, a business planner with all the pages you need to plan your world takeover. 😊

Boho Rainbow Planner

You can buy it from my shop for $27 or scoop it up along with a whole host of great PLR and training worth over $1000, perfect for building your content empire, for just $39.95.

Take a look at all the goodies you’ll receive before making up your mind.

Get the bundle here

Yadsia is retiring…

…one of her products. It’s a good one too. 😱 70+ Canva Pin templates including video pins just $13.50 ( 50% off) until Saturday (and if you missed out on getting her $10 cute sticker course last week, grab it as an upsell.)

Take a look here

Pinterest Pin

I negotiated with Adobe

I tried to cancel my Adobe CC membership as I have a licence to Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher for both my PC and MacBook. But when I went through the cancellation process, they wanted to have a “chat”  and gave me such a good deal I didn’t leave after all.

Affinity is so powerful though, and with its one-off cost, it’s a much better option if you’re on a budget. And with Catherine’s super helpful and very clear training, there will be no stopping you making all the printables you want without the high Adobe monthly charges (even with a deal). Take a look if you have Affinity, especially if you haven’t mastered it yet.

Have a great day, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




P.S. I just had a guy come in to quote for remodeling my home office, which is a little attic room above the kitchen. I had a designer from IKEA create a design for it already. That was fun for not much outlay. But if I’m going to use the design, the room needs rewiring, reflooring, replastering, old shelves ripping out, etc etc etc before I can move in a stick of furniture. The guy (who didn’t even have a website) was already booked until next year. Wish we didn’t all have two left thumbs in our family LOL On the other hand, I’m kinda relieved to put off the disruption a bit longer…the carpets in this room were already threadbare when we moved in over twenty years ago, and there’s been no improvement since Alfie took a liking to them, but waiting a little longer won’t kill me.  😊


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