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Welcome if you’re new to my newsletter. I hope you enjoy the information and goodies I share to help you succeed.

Today, I want to talk about action.

Instead of buying all the things…

I know it’s probably too late now. We are in the thick of Black Friday weekend.

My bad.

I should have warned you. But I was busy buying all the things myself. Oops!

So, the main part of this email is for you if you have the feeling you have overspent, even just a little, or you have FOMO (fear of missing out) because you had no money to get all the crazy deals that came your way.

Here’s my 2c (for free!) 

1. if you bought all the things, download them and actually use them before you forget why you were so excited to buy them. (Definitely talking to myself here!)

2. if you had no money to buy all the things you wanted, never mind; you saved a packet AND I’m about to tell you about a ton of things you can download for free – products  that you can use to build your business. Again, if you actually download and use these assets to make a profit, you are much more likely to be able to join in the buying frenzy next year (if you have no willpower like me.)

It’s all about taking action

I can guarantee that some people will have spent a lot, but they will make every cent count. There will be people  who download everything free and use it.

There will be others with the same assets, whether they are buyers or downloaders or both, who will do very little, or even nothing at all, with what they have.

Guess who will be more successful by this time next year!

It doesn’t take the Brain of Britain to answer that one.

Which group will you fall into? I hope it’s the action takers. And that you take action with all the freebies here.

I have three sets of FREEBIES to offer you today


free 2

FREEBIES 1 to 7:  Black Friday Goodies with commercial PLR rights

Lynette has put together a wonderful line up of goodies in her Black Friday goodie train. You can find FREEBIES 1 to 7 here

FREEBIE 8: Free Digital Info Product Creation Course (worth $100)

Create your own assets this year with Angela’s totally free Black Friday Offer.  (coupon code blackfriday) Her course covers all you need in short bite-sized videos including

  • Deciding on your product format;
  • Setting up your product for sale with a shopping cart
  • Creating your sales page
  • Outlining your product;
  • Getting the right tools;
  • Creating your product. (with bonus how to do it in 2 days flat)

Don’t miss this while it’s available. (The coupon will disappear Monday)

FREEBIES 9 – 100+: Don’t forget the Start a Side Hustle Giveaway v2 

Tomorrow is the last day for downloading over 90 free products to help you kick start your business. Remember, you don’t have to deal with them all at once. Just start with one, use it, and then go onto the next. Stay focused. And if you missed my 8 step plan for dealing with the downloads that I posted in my last email, reply to this message, let me know, and I’ll send it to you.

Start a Side Hustle GIVEAWAY #2 is massive with over 90 free products.

IGet 90+ FREE Assets for Your Business

side hustle 2

side hustle 2b

Get Your Gifts

Have fun with all these freebies, take action, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones that will truly make a difference to your business)

All the best



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