Newsletter 27th December 2021: I think we broke the dog ūüėĮ and two new things.

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It’s okay, Alfie is still in one piece, bless, but¬†I think everyone being around all day and all the fuss and new toys have meant he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going, like a toddler on too much sugar.

We’ll have to retrain him in January. ūü§£ But I love cuddles with that dog. Who knew I’d suddenly become a dog lover after all these years without one?

Truly, anything can happen and it has (in four-legged form!) I still need to improve my photography skills though. In my defence, he’s never still for long enough to get a sharp image¬†LOL

Alfie at Christman

The days are still feeling very¬†holiday-like with so many people around and so much food to eat. When January comes around,¬†I’m gonna need retraining too.ūüėä

The only thing I have managed today is some of my “clearing the decks” project which is to clear up emails and paperwork¬†ready for next year.

It feels good to make some mental and physical space.

Hopefully, a¬†fully-formed plan will emerge from my brain¬†before the turn of the year. I’m still debating all the options (so many of them!)

Beautiful  Bundle for just $5

Sometimes I find it hard to pull myself away from Design Cuts and I have spent a king’s ransom there over the years, but I’ll still be buying¬†this package because it’s brilliant and it’s just $5

If you have a lot of PLR commercial use journals and planners and other products on your hard drive, play with the graphics, tools, and fonts included in the package to make your own beautiful designs and create fantastic end products for sale.

Design Cuts Grid

I love this coloring journal (LAST DAY)

This Fashion & Flowers planner/set of coloring pages is just a little bit different and gives you something new to sell in your shop that will appeal to many.

But it’s the last day of the launch today so¬†take a look¬†if you’re interested and use coupon code¬†FASHION21¬†for a big discount today only.

fashion coloring planner

A special advance 70% discount from Lynette 

I’ve bought Lynette’s advance deals for the past two years and I’ll be doing it again this year with¬†her new Flex Pass¬†as it’s such a great way to get her commercial rights¬†journal, planner, and workbook¬†products at low cost. Although you can choose from all the products that are available now, you don’t have to as you can spend the credits until the end of¬†2022.

This is a fantastic way to buy because it gives you the flexibility to get exactly what you need for your business at very low cost whenever you need it. And the prices are lower than Lynette offers at launch.

The deal: You get $200 worth of credit for $60.

And you can buy up to 4 codes.

Choose from everything on the site now and everything coming out in 2022, as and when you need it. Lynette usually launches two brand new products a month so there will be plenty to choose from.

Get all the details here

My bonus:¬†For every $60 credit you buy through my link, I will give you a¬†$50 voucher¬†for my site making this deal even better value. Just send your receipt(s) me at jan@simplehappiness.biz. I’ll verify and send you your vouchers.

New Revenue Stream?

If you’re still not sure of your primary business model for next year or you simply want to add a new revenue stream to your business, the¬†perfect bundle of products is now cheap as chips.

I bought the 2020 pack last year, the 2019 pack the year before that, and I bought this one too, because they are full of ideas that spark potential revenue streams for my business.

It’s a great way to see what you could do and you’ll quickly understand the basics of each revenue model and how to get started.

Tip: Use these products as a launchpad for a new business stream. Go deeper into the model of your choice than other buyers before you start so you can put your own spin on things ūüėä

Take a look at all 21 products(which originally sold individually for a total over $400) and¬†grab the bundle quickly while it’s just $17.

All the deals in case you missed one


Now the¬†DIGITAL DIVAS Advent Calendar¬†is over ūüė≠ you’ll get one more chance to grab anything you missed including

10 freebies
14 low cost products (nothing more than $7 yay!)
5 gift cards ($100 value)

Get your second chance here. It will disappear for good on 31st

50% OFF at Content Drafts

I love the¬†packages at Content Drafts¬†and already have five of them but I see that Nicole now has 24 available so it’s time for me to go shopping and I’ll need to make my choice soon!

I love the extra long quality articles in these packages as they make¬†great pillar posts plus you get supporting articles and also quiz content that I’ve never seen anywhere else!

See all available packages and get 50% off with coupon HOLIDAYS 

Note: Nicole says that this will be the last chance to get 50% off as her promotions will be for much more modest savings in the future so act now if you want to save big. 

content drafts

Enjoy the rest of the¬†holidays if you still have time off¬† and I’ll be back soon with¬†more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good





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