Newsletter 25th September 2020: Eye Candy for Friday

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No not that kind. No pics of hunks and hunkesses. (Sorry!) This is the kind of dated digital planner eye candy that people love buy for their ipads–the kind that sells very well and for a great price ($30+) on Etsy.

With planner season coming up, you can start a booming business with just a few of these already done-for-you products. That means no hard work creating planners with thousands of links to allow users to jump between all the dated pages.

Just take a look at all 6 gorgeous kits on this page where you can flip through all the planners just launched by Melody and then take your pick or bundle them all together for one low price.

Save a further 25% whether you buy one or the bundle with coupon code DIGITAL2021 through October 1.

toolkit15 links

Check them out here



That’s no problem. Help is at hand from D’vorah who has completely updated and relaunched her popular Etsy course. It’s already a great price but you can get $30 off at the moment with coupon code ETSY30   Get the details here 

Etsy Shop Course Banner

You’ll love D’vorah’s teaching style (I have this course!) and you’ll have a Etsy shop geared up to selling your new planners right in time for peak selling season.


“I love it when a plan comes together. First you have a product, then you have a way to sell it. A business in a nutshell.”



If blogging is more your thing, then I hope the Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2020 hasn’t passed you by. I get it every year.

Although downloading so many things at once can be overwhelming, you don’t need to let it swamp you.

One tactic is to download only what you need right now, but I must admit I’ve never been able to limit myself like that.

I download everything and put it in a single folder on my hard drive with a spreadsheet containing notes and sign up details so I know where to get each course if/when I need it. Emails also get automatically filtered into a special folder with the same name in gmail so that they don’t overrun my inbox.

Simple? You betcha. And I don’t know about you. I can’t afford to miss out on courses which cost so little when I need to learn so much.

I mean look at all this brain candy with a tiny $97 price tag. It won’t come around again until next year.


If you’re truly worried about overwhelm, I’m going to run a month long one quick win a day challenge starting in October to help us all maintain super laser focus in our businesses and beat overwhelm in the run up to the busy festive period. Buy the toolkit through my link here, send me your receipt and I’ll include you in the challenge as a bonus free of charge. Overwhelm, sorted!

genius blogger toolkit

Have a great weekend, I’ll be on new puppy watch again. We should have called him Houndini instead of Alfie lol

I’ll speak to you soon





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