Newsletter 24th March 2021: 👀The most IMPORTANT thing you can do for your business now (and I’m not joking!)

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I had chills…

When I saw this product, little chills ran down my spine. You know, that way when something shows up just when you need it?

The last time I had that feeling, the product was $1300! (It’s okay, I never regretted that purchase either.)

But this one was just $27.

So you can bet I went right on and bought it.

It will be a game changer for me. And very likely for you, too.

Despite the title

When you’re in business, you need to have everything at your fingertips.

  • All your business information.
  • All your financial details.
  • All your business connections, suppliers, affiliates
  • All your assets (I’m looking at you, huge mountain of PLR waiting to be used.)
  • Everything you’ve bought – all the tools, all the training.

Just like I said yesterday – the graphic was a bit prophetic  (bringing out the big words tonight lol)

track use profit

The problem is that I DO have everything at my fingertips, but it’s in my PC somewhere or on one of my hard drives – who knows where?

Much of it forgotten.

Gathering digital dust.

I’ve just started to get more organized (better late than never, right?)

Then today, along came this product with a title that many will pass over, though I hope they don’t.

And I decided to completely change what was going to write about today, because of it.


Think how much time this could save you not having to scramble about looking for stuff.

And how much less overwhelming it would be to have all your details organized (on paper or online – whichever you prefer.)

I don’t just want to encourage you to buy it; I want to encourage you to use it.

To get all your ducks in a row.

Whether you have been in business a long time.

Or you’ve just started.

It’s that important.

My bonus: If you buy the product through any one of my links here, you’ll get my notes on how I’m using the product, any additions I make to it, and how I’m using the free tool mentioned to get through a lot of work every day, despite puppy Alfie and shiny objects everywhere. Just send your receipt and my report will be winging its way to you within 7 days.

How to follow that…LOL

That’s it! I don’t want you to buy anything else until you promise to start logging everything.

Hopefully this will be you soon…

* You need to fill in an official form.

* Your information is there.

* You want to promote a product.

* Your affiliate information is easy to find in an instant.

* You want to make a product

* You know exactly where to start (with the PLR you bought months ago and you know where to find it!)

I’m just going to beat a retreat now. I have training to do thanks to those chills, some planning on how I’m going to implement it, and a report to write (not to mention 5 products to create pages for on my site, upload to my shop, and get ready for a launch on Friday.)

I know you probably get bombarded with tons of email offers, so that’s all for now.

Have a great rest of the week




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