Newsletter 1st January 2022: Happy new year & kiss those frogs💖

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Dog Happy New Year

What a wild ride 2021 was! Not quite what I expected, but what year ever is?

Some parts were bad, very bad, but not the puppy part 💖 or the business part.

I can’t believe how much I’ve grown to love Alfie this year even though he chewed up the whole house for the first six months  of the year – sofas, carpets, the corner of walls, even the spindles of the staircase!

And finally, after over 15 years of trying, I found a business I love.

And that’s priceless, too.

People keep saying focus on one thing and that’s great advice if you know what your one thing is, but it took a lot of doing one thing and then another thing to find mine.

And I can’t imagine just sticking with one thing, because there are many things out there begging to be done.

My compromise is that I’m aiming for one thing at a time and that’s my final offer LOL

So if you’re still looking for your own “one thing” no need to give yourself a hard time because you haven’t found it yet.

You might have to kiss a few frogs before you do!

Aiming for Six-figures this year? 

If you’re going to take your business seriously, you want to earn more than a few pennies for your trouble and somehow six figures gets bandied about as the target to aim for.

It’s the kind of level where you can cover all the expenses of an online business and still make a good living somewhere like America or Europe (depending on the lifestyle you’re aiming for, possibly not one with diamond tiaras LOL).

But no matter how ambitious you are, you need systems that work so you can earn money in your business whether you are aiming for five, six, or seven figures.

And for that Cindy Bidar has your back with the step by step systems you need, four for the price of one until tomorrow.

Take a look at the details and the four courses included in the 2022 Business Success Blueprint

4 courses of cindy bidar

My bonus: If you buy the four course pack through my link and send me your receipt to [email protected], you’ll not only save on those courses but I’ll also give you a $35 voucher for my store.

ENDS TODAY: Puzzle Generator Lifetime Deal

This Powerpoint add on has had a lot of new puzzles added to it over the year or so I’ve had it and it’s well supported by Luke who created it.

For something that keeps getting better and better and for around $80 lifetime (£60) in the flash sale, it’s a great deal if you want to make activity and puzzle books and printables. Take a look before it goes back to full price.

Updated 2022 Planner Bundle from Carmen

Carmen has updated all 16 of her 2021 planners for the new year and this weekend you can get six 2022 planners of your choice for just $57 or the whole pack of 16 for just $116.

This is a fantastic deal, especially if you don’t have them already but even if you do have some of them, it will save you so much time and effort updating them yourself.

My bonus: If you buy six planners through my link, send me your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll give you a $20 voucher for my store. If you buy the whole pack through my link, get a $40 voucher.

Goodbye 2021


2022 Digital and Printable Planners


If you loved the design of our November freebie series, you’ll love this digital and printable planner set with PLR commercial rights.

You can choose either the digital or printable option or buy both in a value packed bundle.

Find all three options, a video (with a small sample of the pages) and more details on this page.

During our launch sale, the digital planner is just $17 with coupon code MOSAICDIGITAL  (regularly $37)

The printable planner is also $17 with coupon code MOSAICPRINTABLE (regularly $27)

For best value, buy the bundle of both printable and digital planners together for just $27 with coupon code MOSAICBUNDLE (regularly $47)

Low price extended to 3rd January

If you need help with digital planners, look no further because Melody has your back in the Kitchen Sink Plus membership.

Join Kitchensink Plus now and get the 2021 price (just $37 now for so much but the price rises January 3!)  You’ll also get my bonus worth $140+

Click here to get all the details

(My bonus will be available in your account when you sign up through my link in this email. I’ve extended the coupons for another month into 2022 so you have a chance to use them!)

Kitchen Sink Coupon

JUST A FEW HOURS LEFT: A special advance 70% discount from Lynette

I’ve bought Lynette’s advance deals for the past two years and I’ll be doing it again this year with her new Flex Passas it’s such a great way to get her commercial rights journal, planner, and workbook products at low cost. Although you can choose from all the products that are available now, you don’t have to as you can spend the credits until the end of 2022.

This is a fantastic way to buy because it gives you the flexibility to get exactly what you need for your business at very low cost whenever you need it. And the prices are lower than Lynette offers at launch.

The deal: You get $200 worth of credit for $60.

And you can buy up to 4 codes.

Choose from everything on the site now and everything coming out in 2022, as and when you need it. Lynette usually launches two brand new products a month so there will be plenty to choose from.

Get all the details here

My bonus: For every $60 credit you buy through my link, I will give you a $50 voucher for my site making this deal even better value. Just send your receipt(s) me at [email protected]. I’ll verify and send you your vouchers.

FEW DAYS ONLY: Content Sparks sale

content sparks white

There’s 50% off everything in the Content Sparks Year End sale. I buy their products to learn myself as they are that good, but also love that they are white label and come with PLR commercial rights. This means you can sell the training materials yourself without having to build a course from scratch and get a return on your initial investment.

Of course, it’s better to add your own thoughts, experiences and tips, but starting from this fantastic quality foundation is such a time saver, these courses get a big “yes” from me.

Take a look at everything available and use Coupon Code: NewBday2021 to get the 50% discount.  

The only limit is that you can’t use it on items that are already discounted.

My bonus: For every $40 you spend using my link here, get a $20 voucher back from me. If you spend $80 or more, you can choose whether to get separate $20 vouchers or one single voucher to spend in my store. Just let me know. Send your receipts to me ([email protected]) to claim your vouchers.

Beautiful Art Work

art by gabbys

If you’d like some special art work for your planners, journals and other digital products, look no further than Gabby’s Year End Sale

Gabby is selling all the art work from the past year (25 packs!) for one low price. You cannot pass on the rights to these graphics in PLR products but you could make a fantastic original and not seen everywhere product for Etsy or KDP with this beautiful work.

Take a look at everything here and use COUPON 2021BUNDLE making 25 graphic packs just $37 (a $50 saving!)

More Revenue Ideas

If you’re still not sure of your primary business model for next year or you simply want to add a new revenue stream to your business, the perfect bundle of products is now cheap as chips.

I bought Alessandro’s 2020 pack last year, the 2019 pack the year before that, and I bought this one too, because they are full of ideas that spark potential revenue streams for my business.

It’s a great way to see what you could do and you’ll quickly understand the basics of each revenue model and how to get started.

Tip: Use these products as a launchpad for a new business stream. Go deeper into the model of your choice than other buyers before you start so you can put your own spin on things 😊

Take a look at all 21 products (which originally sold individually for a total over $400) and grab the bundle quickly while it’s just $17.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good





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