Newsletter 19th February 2022: Does your to do list need a re-set? ⭐ new freebie and last day for pre-sale on canva success kit

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No wonder we’re all busy. 😱

This morning, after answering customer emails, helping a good friend with her business plan, taking hubby his breakfast, and doing all the house stuff to stop any imminent science projects growing on surfaces, I spent a bit of time looking at what I was aiming to achieve every day/week/month for the next few months.

It turns out that I’m trying to fit 27 hours into every 24, leaving no room whatsoever for just sitting there staring into thin air and fun🤣

I’m sure you can relate.

It’s enough to make me not want to get anything done at all.

Especially since my whole goal of working for myself is freedom.

I went off and painted my nails in protest and then enjoyed a long walk in the hills in the winter sunshine with hubby and Alfie pup🤣

Then I got down to it and rescheduled a lot of things, shoved them into Q3,  and left myself a manageable number of projects and tasks.

Because the truth is, I don’t need or want to be a slave to my business and if I just do the most profitable current tasks, everything will be just fine.

How about you?

Are you putting too much pressure on yourself, trying to fit too much into every day?

Work out your own most profitable tasks and let the rest go.

If you’re not making a profit yet, you can still do this. Just stick with the tasks that will lead you to profit in the fastest possible time.


Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest paths to profit. You can recommend great products via email, in a blog post, or on social media even when you’ve only just started in business.

There’s only one little fly in the ointment.

You often have to go through a process to get approved as an affiliate.

But don’t let that put you off.

Some vendors (like me) have open approval which is ideal if you’re just starting out.

Provided you don’t do anything ham-and-eggy or anything like that when you’re promoting and get yourself kicked out, you’ll be good to go. (You can see my affiliate page here)

Other sellers including many on Warrior Plus and JV Zoo, like you to jump through a few hoops.

For those, Britt’s report is there to help. It has 21 pages of tips and a checklist, is $3.99, and has no upsells.

So if you are wondering how to get approved for lucrative offers,  grab this one fast and follow her system, start to get your first approvals and sales and that will set the ball rolling.😊


Wellness journal with prompts

Get your free wellness journal with 50 prompts from Jennifer.

Great content, for free! What’s not to like? 🤣


If you love Canva and you like making templates, don’t miss your chance to get this fantastic new training Canva Template Shop Success Kit for a steal.

It’s an all-in-one business training and strategy in a box.

I grabbed it as soon as I saw it, because Julia who created the course really walks the talk.

She has sold over 5,000 digital products in her Etsy shop and her Template Shop Business made over $100K in 2021.

A handy extra chunk of change!

The course is only available at the special pre-launch price (60% off)  until it goes live tomorrow at 8am (Sunday 20th).

Right now, it’s just $57 – which is amazing for a  course like this.

canva template success kit

This is the link to the course page on her site, but you’ll need to click the GET MORE DETAILS button to see the sales page for a full description.

My Bonus: If you buy through my link in this email, I’ll give you a $20 voucher for my site and you’ll also receive my limited time bonus report or an alternative (see below) 💖💖💖Just send your receipt to me (jan@simplehappiness.biz)


Ultimate Bundle’s latest offer has landed and this one has everything you need to Create Launch and Convert in your business.

All those important phases of selling anything!

If you don’t have all your processes in place for making a profit, take a look to see what’s included. (You may have to click GET MY BUNDLE to see everything) 

Create Launch Convert

You’d think the best deal would be if you need everything there, because you have access to everything for the cost of one thing!

But it’s unlikely that you’ll need it all (and you could get overwhelmed if you try to take it all in).

Grab everything (as you can then do each course later) but choose one or two must have items to work on now and then gradually do the rest.

You’ll find value even if you only need two of the courses. But I’m guessing you’ll benefit from many more than that. (I will!)

Check out all the resources included in Create. Launch. Convert. here

My bonus:  If you buy the package through my link, you can choose whether to get a voucher for my site for $35 and your choice of extra bonus report (see below)  or whether to get three bonus reports of your choice. 💖💖💖


Becky is 40 on Sunday and celebrating with a 40% off sale on her planners, so if you have some of them on your wish list, now is a great time to purchase.

Use coupon BECKY40 to save until the 21st

Bonus: Grab one of my bonus reports (see below) for each planner you buy through my link. 💖💖💖


Alice has a new package of done for you commercial use content in the self development niche: “The Fine Art of Caring Less to Get More Out of Life

fine art of caring less

You can sell this report and planner and keep all the profits or give one or both away as you please. Alice also provides promotional materials including cover sets, articles for your blog or email, an opt in page and social media graphics.

Just $14.95 for so much. Snap it up quickly if this is relevant to your niche.

Bonus: If you buy through my link, you can choose any one of my current selection of bonus reports (see below) 💖💖💖


Lynette has a new Pinterest Marketing Planner with commercial rights out today that is half price until 22nd. (NO coupon needed.) You can use this planner yourself to work on your own Pinterest account as well as sell it to profit in more ways than one!

As the Pinterest Marketing Planner is available in several formats (Powerpoint, Indesign, Canva, AND Affinity Publisher)  you can choose the software that you prefer to work in if you want to edit it to add your own ideas and branding.

Take a closer look at everything included here

Pinterest Marketing Plan

Bonus: If you buy through my link, you can choose any one of my current selection of bonus reports (see below) 💖💖💖


If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I go on about my coach Naima a lot.

She offers a mixture of accountability, practical wisdom, and technological know-how week after week that’s hard to beat.

And a whole business education! That kind that means you can pivot without a problem. I wouldn’t have gotten half as far without her guidance, encouragement, and insight, all delivered in fun and friendly, yet challenging, group sessions.

If you’d like to get Naima’s input on your business and product idea, and see what a difference a good coach can make, she’s offering her Magic 1-pager workshop on Monday for just $37 including bonus training worth $871 (you’ll get one of my favorite courses of hers, Products that Pop, that will change how you go about creating products forever as well as so much more.)

Be prepared to be blown away!

magic one pager

My bonus: Sign up for the Magic 1-pager workshop through my link above and get any one of my bonus reports from the list below. 💖💖💖Just send your receipt to me (jan@simplehappiness.biz)


Selling with Email

If you’re uncomfortable selling via email or you have trouble making email profitable at all, then Cindy’s latest course is perfect for you. (Another of those skills you need to run an online business!)

At just $37 during launch with promo code EMAILPROFITS, it could change the course of your business and put you on the path to success with email marketing.

Take a look at all the details, but don’t delay. Once the launch is over on Sunday, this course will be $97 regular price

My bonus: Sign up for Cindy’s Email course through my link above and get any one of my bonus reports from the list below. 💖💖💖Just send your receipt to me (jan@simplehappiness.biz)


Today’s EXTRA BONUS for any purchase through my links marked with 💖💖💖 in this newsletter is my plan for making $3k a month on KDP in 2022. It’s a pretty achievable goal but not without organized and systematic effort from you😊

amazon 3K plan

Buy anything marked 💖💖💖 through any of my links in this newsletter today then send me your receipt (to jan@simplehappiness.biz) and I’ll share my thoughts and plans with you. On top of any other bonuses you see in the newsletter. ( If you already have this, KDP is not your jam, or you’re buying more than one item you can also choose from these alternative bonus reports. Be sure to let me know which one(s) when you claim. I’ll verify your receipts and send them back to you.)

▶️ Aargh! exactly what to do when you feel like quitting
▶️ My millionaire plan (February 2022 update) for how I plan to retire with a lot of fun money
▶️ Simplify! 15 things I do to avoid getting overwhelmed
▶️ Graphics – my process for making PLR unique using graphics
▶️ 339 best selling printable ideas
▶️ 13 ways to get more mileage from the PLR on your hard drive

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





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