Newsletter 19th August 2020: Another freebie from me and a lesson

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I entered my Get It Done (13 Ways to Motivate Yourself) guide (shown below) into the Limitless Giving giveaway this week.

You’re welcome to grab it for free along with all the other goodies there.

There are some great items: over fifty, in total worth more than $8K.

But don’t get a shock when you reach the sign-up page.

I’ll just say it’s not the most beautiful of web pages and leave it at that.

It functions, after all.

And there are a lot more gifts to choose than those shown. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you and don’t let it put you off.

It’s a good lesson though on how important graphic design is. An appealing page, like an attractive store front, can really help customers experience the value of what you offer before they even see it.

They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but that’s exactly what everyone does, often without even being aware of it.

Anyway, take a look at the page here or click the “Get it Done” image and see how you react. Then get all the freebies you want.

Get It Done V1

Back with more news, deals, and freebies soon.

Have a great middle of the week and get it done whatever “it” is,




P.S. TLDR: 50+ freebies including mine from this month’s Limitless Giving Giveway

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