Newsletter 16th September 2021: Are you learning or earning? 💕and new freebies for you

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I’m a big fan of education and buy many training courses.

Just about everything relevant to the online space if I trust the trainer.

And the price is not too ridiculous.

Actually, I’ve made some ridiculously high priced purchases in the past, too.

But we won’t go there 😊

Some of these courses of all price brackets are still waiting for me to find time to do them.

But that’s okay.

Because, without a handy trust fund (drats!) I’ve realized that earning has to take priority over learning.

I’ve had to give myself a strict talking to about that. 😨

good day to earn

If my business was a hobby, I’d be spending a lot more time learning, and a lot less earning. I’d be on every zoom call I could and soak up every drop of knowledge.

But given I have a living to make, I just learn what I need to know to do the thing I need to do.

After all, the value of the course is not in the knowledge you gain, but in how you apply it.

I still slot a lot of learning into my week, but only after I’m done for the day. And with a few exceptions like my brilliant coach and this guy (because some people regularly come up with things I didn’t know that I needed to know), I still try to choose courses on things I ned to know right now from my “training library”. So it helps as much as possible with earning.

What about you?

How does that work in your world?

Do you do course after course and never actually put the theories to the test? Or have you found a way to balance earning and learning?

FREE Training

Don’t forget, free training also has a cost associated with it, a cost in time and also future emails you’ll receive, but one training webinar that I signed up for right away was the Ultimate Bundles Webinar How to Scale Your Blog to 5-Figure Months with Printables


  • It’s in my niche and seems highly relevant
  • I haven’t made the most of my blog yet for selling printables (and it’s in my business plan to add to the six posts 😔I have at the moment)

I expect when the time comes to do the webinar, I’ll have a deadline or something and time will be short.

But here’s my strategy for dealing with training like this, I’ll have the webinar on and multi-task with filing or something until it gets interesting. Then I’ll stop my filler task and take notes on anything I want to implement.  After the webinar, I’ll schedule the work if it’s worth doing now. Or I’ll make a note to create a project in the future.

But I have a feeling with this one that it will be packed with information so I won’t get much filing done 😊 Join me not filing my stuff.


As a rule (unless a demo is required) I prefer to learn from books. You can get through them in small pockets of time, and with a non-fiction book, you can skim to get to the interesting parts 🤣 So I’m happy to let you know about this book that will be useful if you might like to create a book at some point in the future.

sell more books

Books are a great way to earn a living. Regular royalties are the most passive income I have. Once I get the time (there go the pigs flying over Edinburgh airport LOL) I’m going to create a few more.

Help available

I make no secret of the fact that my VA Kareen has been a huge factor in the success of my business since I hired her. And she’s great fun to work with too. 😊

Imagine suddenly gaining 40 extra hours a week and what you could do with that time!

I took a really expensive course to learn how to find a perfect VA (it was well over $1k – yes, really!!) but you don’t have to because this course looks like it has everything that my really expensive course had in it 😝 and not only that, it’s by the guy who owns the agency I used to find Kareen so he knows what he’s talking about!

If your budget is tight, you don’t even have to start with 40 hours, you could start building your team with a part-time employee. Even ten extra hours of work a week will send you streets ahead of where you would be without help.

New: Fun Low-cost PLR: Fall Crafts for all the Family

Use PLR has just launched a new set of Blog Posts for an amazing $9.99 price (no coupon needed) on Fall Crafts for the Family It includes:

  • 5 articles of 750+ words with titles (Benefits of Having Fall Craft Projects for Families / Best Fall Crafts for Kids -7 Days of Fun and Easy DIY Project Ideas to do at Home / Cute Fall Crafts for Kids – Quick 10-Minute Projects Ideas for Your Family / Fall Craft DIY Project Ideas Using Acorns to Make Simple Everyday Items at Home / Pumpkin Themed Fall Craft DIY Project Ideas to Make at Home)
  • A set of keyword phrases for SEO to get Google visiting
  • 20+ photo suggestions to use with your pre-written content

As this goes so well with my Fall Bucket list, I’ve extended the launch coupon on that over the weekend. As you will get commercial rights to the bucket list, use it to capture leads from your blog posts by offering this as a freebie or you can link  from your posts to a sales page to sell it as your own. JUST $7 with COUPON CODE FALLSPECIAL

Fall Bucket List Graphic

Have a great day, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




P.S. If you want your own training library that you can dive into at any time, grab Cindy Bidar’s Six Figure systems membership and get all 29 of her training courses, all her checklists and twice a monthly coaching so you can learn from someone who walks the talk and does exactly what she is training you on. This is a fantastic way to learn from one of the best in the business whether you are new to online marketing or know a thing or two. If you join through my link get a $20 bonus coupon from me. Just forward your receipt to [email protected].


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