Newsletter 16th April 2021: Come on, spill! You know something I don’t! 😊 & New pretty low-cost things

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We finally had warm sunshine today and I tried not to notice how much the bright light showed up the general grubbiness of the house.

I managed to ignore it while I tested the shopping cart for my new product first thing this morning.

Ironic, or what, given the subject?

I’m going to have to crack this one open and use it myself. LOL

New! Spring Cleaning Checklists

To celebrate the sunshine 😍 there’s a low cost launch on these for just $7 with coupon SPRING20 until April 21st

Printable checklists are ideal to create a pretty & practical instant product or opt in. Take a look here for all the details.

Spring Cleaning Checklists

There’s also an optional extension with 32 more pages to create a bigger planner for just $10.

You Know Something I don’t!

I spent the rest of the day mostly working on a bonus due to be delivered tomorrow. It’s all about creating descriptions (a.k.a. blurbs) to make books sell on Amazon, the secrets that I’ve learned over the last ten or so years to sell 59,000+ books.

I thought it might be a ten tips and done kind of thing, but it seems I wasn’t aware there was quite so much information cooped up in my brain waiting to get out. LOL I think I’ll be working on the report a lot of tomorrow too.

Brain exploding

It just shows you that you don’t know what you know until you put it down on paper or start talking about it.

What report or course is cooped up in your brain waiting to get out?

There are sure to be people who would love you to share! Why not make a course about it?

Last Chance 

The Amazon bonus report that’s causing an explosion in my brain is still available to anyone who sends me their receipt for a purchase through my link of any course on D’vorah’s site. Her site wide sale ends today so take a look at all her courses and use COUPON CODE CELEBRATE25 to make huge savings.

Coupon dvorah25

As the Amazon report bonus was also offered for a course on Sharyn’s Content Sparks site this week, I’ll extend it to any of her courses over $30 that you purchase through my link until end of day Saturday, too. Sharyn is offering half price on her Build Your Audience Using Social Media course for the weekend but it doesn’t have to be that one. Just send me your receipt to claim the bonus.

Grief Therapy Journal Flash Sale

Anyone who has ever lost anyone close (all of us?) knows how important it is to work through those feelings of grief, and journaling is a very practical way to do it.

Michelle, one of the nicest, and most helpful people creating journals and planners, has relaunched this wonderful grief therapy journal to support people through the most difficult of times.

It’s just $17 with coupon code APRIL10 for a few days. If you missed it earlier in the year, take a look at it now.

Grief Journal PLR

Why not use a challenge to create a course or a book?

Coach Val Selby, who many of you got to know via the Homepreneur’s Adventure summit, is holding a two week Get Biz Done challenge and it’s a great way to tackle a project you might not otherwise get done as well as experience the magic of coaching in a fun and friendly group.

This is the second time Val has run a challenge like this, and those who actively participated last time have begged her to do it again.

The idea is that we (and yes, I’ve signed up for this, too) take action on something we’ve been putting off in our business during the two-week period.

For me, I know it’s going to be getting a low content book published on Amazon, something that has been on my To Do list for the longest time.

The challenge is already budget friendly, but don’t forget to use my COUPON code GBDHAPPY for 50% off and make it even better.

Get Biz Done

This challenge will be an opportunity to take a huge leap forward with a project you’ve been putting off with a friendly, supportive group. I’m really looking forward to it.

TIP: If you tend to buy courses but not take action on them, do this before purchasing anything else you will learn but not implement!

I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



P.S. Alfie would say “hi” but he’s all tuckered out after running through the woods, wading through a stream, playing with his doggy pals, and generally creating chaos at home. LOL

Tired alfie

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