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I’ve had an online business of one kind or another for over ten years now. And I’ve had my ups and downs. Months when I spent more than I made. But good months too. Years even.

In the end, it all boils down to creating things that people want, offering them for sale, and then working out how to get potential customers to see the things you created.

Not seeing success?

Work out which part of that equation you’re missing.

1. Are you regularly creating products to sell?

If not, you know where you need to focus…create something beautiful or useful, preferably both.

And then create another. Repeat.

2. Are you putting your products up for sale where there is a buy button so people can buy?

You would be surprised how often this step gets in the way.

Choose a platform and add your products. Make them look and sound desirable.

3. Are potential customers seeing your products?

If you’re not sure, check out your analytics.

In any case, optimize your pages with good titles and keywords so they are more likely to be found.

And promote your products in as many ways as you have time and money for. Unless you’re very lucky, it’s not enough just to put a product up for sale and hope that people will see it and buy it.

4. Are you creating things that no one wants?

Sadly, some new business owners come to this conclusion without ever promoting their products.

In general, you won’t know whether your product will sell until you’ve sent a few hundred customers to look at your product and none of them has bought.

If a lot of potential customers see your product and don’t buy, improve your product offering.

You can increase your chances of making the right product with market research. What are people buying right now? What can you do that will compete against the products they are buying?

In every business model where I’ve enjoyed a level of success, it’s always been a case of trying a few things to find out what works best. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Or to fail. I’ve done a lot of “failing” which taught me to do something different next time. (It feels better to call it an experiment than a failure.) I know you can make awesome things. Experiment until you find the right awesome things.


What’s new this week?

Michelle’s Vintage Stork Baby Journal Template PLR

This baby journal would make a perfect baby shower gift for a mom-to-be. Guests will sign her journal leaving some parenting tips and a little message for the new baby. 37 unique Pages. The template is in two sizes, 8.5 x 11″ & 8 x 10”, PowerPoint Files, PDF Files, Font Files with Commercial Use Rights.

Why I like this: Gorgeous vintage design, lots of pages, a great keepsake for the shower as well as a gift. And I love the added touch of baby shower games to include as a bonus for those who purchase.


Vintage Baby Shower


Emma’s Sunny Surprise


Emma is the 4-year-old daughter of Faith Lee, one of our fellow PLR printable and journal creators. Last week, Emma was taken into hospital and underwent three rounds of expensive treatment. Two ladies in our community, Sherry and Stephanie, got together and worked hard to put this fundraiser together very quickly.  Hats off to them for getting us all together and we all wish little Emma a speedy and full recovery (and her mom less stressful times ahead.)

I contributed a workbook “50 ways to get more email clicks” to the $3 bundle but the remaining products are a surprise. If you’d like to help this good cause, take a look here, and donate if you can to get all the surprises in the two bundles. People are so generous when help is needed. So far I hear that $3500 has been raised, but you are all wonderful whether you can afford to contribute or not and I know you wish Faith and her family well! Sometimes, good wishes are as important as money.

Last Chance to get April’s Spring Content Creation Bundle 

April has re-opened the Spring Content Creation Toolkit for a short time (until May 18th)

If you didn’t get this the first time around, take a look this time and see what you missed.

BONUS: If you buy through my link in this newsletter, you’ll find a coupon for $27 in your Warrior Plus account – enough to buy any commercial use journal in my shop. (note: the coupon page only shows the journals I had in March when the bundle was first released. Now there’s a lot more to choose from! You can use the coupon on any of them.)


Have fun experimenting with your business, enjoy the weekend, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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