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Today’s freebie is a mood tracker with commercial rights. You’ll find the link to get it right down below in the P.S.

I don’t know if you want to use this one yourself.


A tracker like this, of course, is not meant for detecting serious mental issues.

But by¬†tracking your mood, you might find there’s¬†something (or someone) that always puts you in a bad mood, and you can avoid that thing or person in the future. Plus, you can do more of what makes you feel good.

In general, though, there’s no time for being in a bad mood when you have a business to run.

Being in a bad mood might make you snap at others.

Which is not great for business.

Yet, there will surely be things that try your patience, disappointments, and technical blips.

No one escapes the occasional train wreck.

If you can find friends to share the trials and tribulations of being in business, so much the better.

Online friends who understand the ups and downs really are precious. Thank goodness for Zoom for making it possible to make friends across oceans and for friends who help when the going gets tough.

Join the Kitchensink Plus

The Kitchensink Thursday calls have been a cornerstone of my calendar for over a year with their eclectic mix of social chat (new friends!), list building events, and common sense online training.

And now there’s the¬†Kitchensink Plus membership¬†which is proving even more valuable.

Each month in the Plus membership, you receive a set of gorgeous limited edition printable and digital planners, journals, and lead magnets with commercial rights plus many other extras.

Along with these, you get live training (which is also  recorded) on how to use the products to fill out your product line and build your business.

Grab the latest limited edition products and training today and get $10 off every month forever with coupon code PLUSJAN 

BONUS: When you join¬†through my link¬†you’ll find three bonuses waiting for you in your account.

Kitchen Sink Coupon

ENDS TONIGHT! Plan Your Life and Business Bundle and my product/bonus

Don’t forget to take a look at¬†what’s in this bundle¬†before it disappears for good.

You’ll see so many quality¬†products there that it makes sense to grab it now rather than buying individual products in the future to stock your shop.¬†

If you get it now, you’ll have weeks to download the products and you’ll¬†be able to use them at any time over th years. True assets for your business.

The¬†Plan your Life and Business bundle¬†is full of products you’ll want to go back to. Buy this one if you can.

Here’s my contribution.

Graphic of a Product Planner

BONUS:¬†Use my link¬†and get two $20 vouchers to use¬†in my store¬†making this even better value as you’ll get back more than you spend! Just send your receipt to me at [email protected]

A Vision Board 

Fran has just relaunched her vision board journal pack with commercial rights which is perfect for recording your dream life and keeping your positive thoughts firmly fixed on what you want to ultimately achieve.

Get $30 off until 14th November with COUPON CODE VISION30

Take a look at all you’ll receive here.

Templates for vision boards Vision board journals


Q4 Full Color Profits Challenge

If you want to start publishing on Amazon but you’re not sure how to get started¬†join Julie’s Q4 challenge¬†this year. It kicks off next week!

Every Q4, she starts a new set of people off publishing their Amazon low content books, and I’ve gotten a lot out of her challenge in past years. But¬†this year it’s going to be extra special as she’s covering color printing which I’ve been experimenting with over on the Zon.¬†Amazon KDP is going to be a big focus for me next year.

Color printing on Amazon KDP¬†used to be prohibitively expensive, but you can now do it at pocket money prices. That’s super exciting for those of us who want to create colorful low content books.

That’s because pretty sells!

And if you publish once, you can reap the benefits for years.

Doors close at midnight Eastern on November 14th ready for starting on 15th.

If you follow daily, you’ll have a book within a couple of weeks. And have a lot of fun too if past challenges are anything to go by.

Bonus:¬†If you join the challenge¬†through my link, send me your receipt at [email protected] and I’ll give you a $40 coupon to spend¬†in my store.

Michelle’s Goals Planner

Just out!¬†Michelle’s goals planner¬†with commercial rights¬†has 32 unique pages and an editable Powerpoint template. It will make the¬†perfect lead magnet or product for your store at this time of year.

Save during the launch period until 17th November and get it for just $19 with coupon code¬†GOALS.¬†Take a look here for more details.¬†and you’ll see the¬†gorgeous¬†inserts that are part of this product.

inserts for goal planners


plan your goals

Great course on rare sale…

I love¬†Michelle’s Passive Income Planner Girl course¬†because it has everything you need to build a business on Etsy and then teaches you how to take it way beyond that to increase the value of everything you make.

And the whole emphasis is on building quality, meaningful, and beautiful products as the cornerstone of your business.

Not churning out ugly pages that no one is going to buy.

planner of passive income


It’s not a cheap course, but it’s lower in price than many of the courses we see these days, and¬†it’s worth every penny even at full price.

And at 50% off, it’s well worth the investment.¬†I paid full price for this one and don’t regret it!

Get more details here. And use code HOLIDAYSALE to make it half price.

And there’s a bonus from me, too. If you buy the course through my link, send your receipt to me at¬†[email protected] and I’ll verify your purchase and¬†send you a $70 voucher to spend¬†in my store.

Have a great weekend,¬†and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




P.S. Here’s your daily planner freebie with commercial rights.¬†¬†As a thank you for reading, there’ll be a new freebie printable in my newsletter every day for the rest of November. All are in a coordinating design created specially for this series so they form a set. You will be able to mix and match the individual printables to create a fantastic product. They also come with Powerpoint and Canva templates so you can use your own designs if you wish. And you’ll get PLR commercial rights to sell or give the printables away.

Each one will disappear at midnight Pacific (or more likely when I get around to it the next day!)

Here’s today’s freebie¬†(or click on the image below)

Day 11 of Freebies

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