We love to work with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to help promote our planners, journals, workbooks and courses.

And we love to pay commission when you refer people to us.  

It’s a win-win, right? 

We don’t care whether you have a big list or following. Just that you are an ethical business owner, trying to make a living from recommending things you think others will like. 

If you fit that description and you like the way we propose to work with you (see our simple, fair terms below)  please sign up here: 

I’m looking forward to working with you…If there’s anything you need from me to help you promote, let me know

Jan Small

Owner Simple Happiness Biz


  1. Affiliate cookies are locked in for 365 days.
  2. We use the hybrid method of allocating commission (last click wins if an affiliate link is used otherwise the original referrer gets the commission.)
  3. You will enjoy 50% commission on referrals for products and 40% for courses.
  4. Affiliate payout happens every Sunday.
  5. No minimum payment.
  6. Affiliate payments are made through PAYPAL . Please be sure to add your Paypal address to the Payment method in your account so that we can pay you. 
  7. No commission if you buy through your own affiliate link.
  8. We’ll let you know via email about new products and offers so you have time to promote. To ensure you receive advance notice, please whitelist jan@simplehappiness.bizIf you have any queries, please email me there.