Wedding Budget & Planner Spreadsheet

Beautiful, Functional Wedding Budget & Planner Spreadsheet to Sell!

Getting married is expensive! We want the wedding of our dreams but paying for it can be a nightmare and costs can spiral out of control if we don’t keep a steady eye on the budget. And that’s true even for a relatively simple wedding.

That’s why we created the ultimate solution for anyone looking to take control of their budget – our Wedding Budget & Planner Spreadsheet.

This powerful tool is packed with all the features you need to plan and track the spending for your big day. Set an overall budget and think about how to allocate it between all the types of expenses you’ll have, then track your spending as you go.

With its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly design, you will have a way of managing your wedding budget like an expert in no time. Say goodbye to confusing numbers and endless calculations, and hello to a hassle-free and organized plan.

You can use the spreadsheet yourself if you have wedding to plan, but it also comes with PLR commercial rights so you can edit it as you wish (instruction booklet included) and sell in your store.

Brides-to-be planning their special day (or parents paying for a wedding) will find exactly what they need to keep their finances in check with our spreadsheet.

BONUS: Additional sheets are included to help customers plan the perfect wedding day, schedule appointments, and keep a visual record of their options for many different categories of wedding expenditure (for example venue, bridalwear, theme, color palette, etc). See the video for details.

How Does the Wedding Budget & Planner Spreadsheet work?

The spreadsheet uses the free Google Sheets app that people can access on any device.

Customers enter details of their budget to set up the basic data.

Detailed spending categories have been included which helps customers think about where they might allocate their budget but there is space to add additional categories if required. They can also change the currency from dollars to their native currency if they wish (or you can do this if your customers are mainly outside of the US).

As customers make purchases, they add items to the expenditure log and they’ll changes automatically recorded on the detailed overview sheet.

See the spreadsheet in action:

Can I make the spreadsheet unique?

The Wedding Budget & Planner Spreadsheet comes with commercial rights to edit and sell. You get the Google Sheets template so you can edit as you wish.

You will also receive an illustrated PDF instruction booklet for Google Sheets showing you exactly how to change the:

  • Header Graphic
  • Color of the Cells
  • Colors Used in the Bar Chart
  • Colors Used in the Column Chart
  • Emoji on the Wedding Day Counter
  • Category and Item/s

and to:

  • Add a Currency to the Dropdown
  • Add a New Item to an Existing Category
  • Add a new Dropdown Option in the To Do List Sheet
  • Edit an Existing Dropdown in the To Do List sheet
  • Deliver the Spreadsheet to Your Customers

Do spreadsheets like these sell?

What’s included?

  • A ready-for-use Wedding Budget & Planner Spreadsheet in Google Sheets so you can edit it as you wish, use it or sell it as is. 
  • A Sample Spreadsheet with data so that you can easily see how the spreadsheet might be used.
  • The 48-page instruction booklet for Google Sheets so you know exactly what to do to edit the template. Make as many different versions as you like for your customers.
  • PLR Commercial Rights (see terms below)

All that for just $37


Create your own unique digital product business even if you don’t have much time or money!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wedding  budget planner spreadsheet and how does it work?

The Wedding Budget & Planner spreadsheet is a tool based on Google Sheets. It is used to plan and keep track of wedding expenses, helping to stop spending on a wedding celebration getting out of control.

I prefer Excel. Can I use that instead?

The Wedding Budget & Planner spreadsheet uses Google Sheets and has not been tested on Excel. However, you’re welcome to create a version of the spreadsheet in Excel if you wish.

Can I customize the Wedding Budget & Planner spreadsheet?

You can change anything you wish about the spreadsheet before you sell it including the text, calculations, and design. You can also add additional pages if you wish and package it up in a different format. Or customize it for a specific niche or audience. 

What about currency? I’m not in the US.

The currency is fully customizable using the instructions included.

Do customers need to have experience with spreadsheets to use this product?

No, the spreadsheet is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those who have no prior experience with spreadsheets and getting started instructions are included in the product itself.

Can the spreadsheet be used on a mobile device or tablet?

Yes, the spreadsheet is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to manage your wedding budget on the go.

Can I pass on the PLR rights to the template or sell it

Your rights only allow you to sell the spreadsheet to end users NOT to pass the PLR rights to others.

What can I do with the finished product?

Here are some ideas:

  • You can add your own version of the spreadsheet to your shop on Etsy and sell it
  • You can customize the spreadsheet to suit particular niches or target customers and sell different versions in your shop
  • You can advertise your spreadsheet as a freebie lead-magnet to grow your email list and blog traffic if brides-t-be are your target audience
  • Your spreadsheet can be used as a valuable bonus for one of your courses or other digital products if you are in the wedding niche
Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital product, I do not offer refunds. Please check this page carefully before buying. If you still have unanswered questions please reach out to me at [email protected]. Of course, if you have problems with your purchase, get in touch there too as I’m always happy to help.

Do I need to buy software to use the template?

No, all you need is a free Google account to use or edit the spreadsheet.

If I put this up for sale, will you guarantee it will sell?

I can’t guarantee sales as

a) it’s against FTP rules and

b) sales are always dependant on the effort you put into the product and your marketing strategies.

Are there any upsells?

You have everything you need with the main product but there are two extras that you can purchase with your spreadsheet. 

The first is a bump offer of a seller’s pack (available to select on the checkout page). The seller’s pack will help you get your spreadsheet to market as quickly as possible ($7). It includes 

a set of 10 mockups for your promo images
a product description template
104 keywords to target with your spreadsheet
a customizable instruction booklet for your customers. 

The second which you will see after you purchase the spreadsheet is a Guest Organizer and Seating Plan which will be the perfect complement to your Wedding Budget & Planner spreadsheet just $7. This includes three more sheets, detailed instructions to edit (41 pages), and a Canva template with instructions for your customers.


  • YES Completed product can be sold or given away in Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet format
  • YES Text and images can be edited/deleted but individual graphic elements cannot be deconstructed/extracted
  • YES The spreadsheet can be branded as your own
  • YES Completed product can be added to paid or free membership sites
  • YES Can be bundled with other products for an end user
  • NO Cannot share the PDF with instructions for editing the file with others
  • NO Cannot claim copyright
  • NO Cannot share the download page with others
  • NO Cannot pass on the PLR rights to others whether for sale, for free or in membership sites. You must sell or give away a completed product only. 
  • NO Cannot use or Jan Small name on the finished product

Note: You will receive instant access to the product in your Simple Happiness Thrivecart Learn account once you complete the shopping cart process. As this is an instantly downloadable digital product, sales are final and no refunds are offered.