Your Business Best Seller Workbook

Your Business Best Seller Workbook

Writing a book is one of the best things you can do to boost credibility and name recognition for your business.

If you choose your topic and title wisely, your book can also be a revenue generator in its own right, especially if you self-publish and sell your book on Amazon.

This workbook provides a TEN STEP simple process to guide you in choosing the right topic and title for your book - the one that

  • is fun to write (and you'll be inspired to get it done)
  • boosts your business giving you the credibility of a published author with a relevant and interesting book
  • sells copy after copy, generating passive income every month

What you receive

  • 40 page workbook, taking you through the process of choosing your winning book topic and title
  • A systematic step by step process for deciding between all the different books you could write. Just because you could write a book, doesn't mean you should.
  • A way to work out if a book will sell BEFORE you write it (Too many authors discover this only after they have done all the work. It's better to find out if you have a dud on your hands before you put finger to keyboard.)
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