Blog Posts the Less Effort & More Reward Way

Blog Posts the Less Effort & More Reward Way

This 45-page guide offers you 17 detailed formulas for making awesome blog posts of the type your readers can't get enough of.

But it doesn't stop there.

It follows the less effort more reward philosophy of blogging and suggests the best ways of turning each of the post types into content that prompts the reader to take an action that builds your business. 

Using this method, every post you write has a purpose and that purpose is to increase profit, either immediately through product and affiliate sales, or later through email marketing. Take the stress out of blogging by using these ready-made formulas to create the content that leads to more opt ins and sales.

This guide takes you through each formula, giving you examples which you can use to apply to your own niche. 

Instead of working on content 24 x 7, throwing spahetti against the wall, use this guide to write the posts that are proven to work.

What you receive

  • 45 page guide to the content types 
  • Suggestions for how to apply them to increase ROI
  • A way to plan your content so you have time to post AND promote


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